Pt Reyes Engagement 01

Pt Reyes is probably one of my favorite places on earth.  Just a simple truth.  So, when someone wants to shoot their engagement session out there I practically jump for joy. Caroline & Dave brought up their love for the gorgeous West Marin landscape when we were chatting about their wedding and we made our plans to head west for their engagement session.  Enjoy!

Pt Reyes Engagement 02 Pt Reyes Engagement 03 Pt Reyes Engagement 04 Pt Reyes Engagement 05Pt


01_Brix Wedding

We had so many amazing weddings in 2014 that it’s taking forever to catch up on the blog.  Kelly and Jackson married last summer at Charles Krug.  Their rehearsal was at the lovely, intimate Brix in Yountville.  Often for destination weddings, we will cover more than just the wedding and that was the case with Kelly and Jackson.  Aside from getting great photos of the rehearsal, I get a chance to meet the circle of people closest to the bride and groom. So, come the wedding day, everyone is already warmed up, open to the camera and we have a nice friendly rapport.

Kelly’s wedding at Krug was simply amazing!  The grounds around the St Helena property are just gorgeous in every direction and the wonderful architecture is distinct to Krug.  One thing I love about this set of photos is how it showcases the ‘getting ready’ part of the day. Lots of emotion and fun but with a certain quietness that is gone for the rest of the day.

02_Brix Wedding 03_Brix Wedding 04_Brix Wedding 05_Krug Napa Wedding 06_Krug Napa Wedding 07_Krug Napa Wedding 08_Krug Napa Wedding 09_Krug Napa Wedding 10_Krug Napa Wedding 11_Krug Napa Wedding 12_Krug Napa Wedding 13_Krug Napa Wedding 14_Krug Napa Wedding 15_Krug Napa Wedding 16_Krug Napa Wedding 17_Krug Napa Wedding 18_Krug Napa Wedding 19_Krug Napa Wedding 20_Krug Napa Wedding 21_Krug Napa Wedding 22_Krug Napa Wedding 23_Krug Napa Wedding 24_Krug Napa Wedding 24_Krug Napa WeddingTHUMB 26_Krug Napa Wedding 27_Krug Napa Wedding 28_Krug Napa Wedding 29_Krug Napa Wedding 30_Krug Napa Wedding 31_Krug Napa Wedding 32_Krug Napa Wedding 33_Krug Napa Wedding 35_Krug Napa Wedding 36_Krug Napa Wedding 37_Krug Napa Wedding


Vendors who made this wedding great:

Coordination by Christina Andrews Weddings

Rehearsal Venue Brix, Yountville

Wedding Ceremony and Reception Charles Krug, St Helena


01_Sonoma Vine Hill H

Another gorgeous wedding at the Vine Hill House. This place has become a bit of a home away from home this year and we couldn’t be happier.  Always lovely and a wildly good time.

02_Sonoma Vine Hill H 03_Sonoma Vine Hill H 04_Sonoma Vine Hill H 05_Sonoma Vine Hill H 06_Sonoma Vine Hill H 07_Sonoma Vine Hill H 08_Sonoma Vine Hill H 09_Sonoma Vine Hill H 10_Sonoma Vine Hill H 11_Sonoma Vine Hill H 12_Sonoma Vine Hill H 13_Sonoma Vine Hill H 14_Sonoma Vine Hill H 15_Sonoma Vine Hill H 16_Sonoma Vine Hill H 17_Sonoma Vine Hill H


01 Vine Hill

The Vine Hill House in Sebastopol, Sonoma is one of our all time favorite venues.  With rolling vineyards, apple trees and beautiful dynamic foliage it’s a beautiful ever changing venue.  Emily and Mark were married on a gorgeous fall day.

02 Vine Hill 03 Vine Hill 04 Vine Hill 05 Vine Hill 06 Vine Hill 07 Vine Hill 08 Vine Hill 09 Vine Hill 10 Vine Hill 11 Vine Hill 12 Vine Hill 14 Vine Hill 16 Vine Hill 15 Vine Hill 13 Vine Hill


Berringer Napa Wedding_01

Our third wedding this year at Beringer Winery in St Helena was a proverbial charm.  Jenn & Mitch are high school sweethearts {emphasis on the ‘sweet’} who have taken the plunge and joined their lives together.  The ceremony was held at St Helena Catholic Church and the rest of the festivities were at Beringer.  Wedding coordination was exquisitely handled by Whitney Nelson Events.

Berringer Napa Wedding_02 Berringer Napa Wedding_03 Berringer Napa Wedding_04 Berringer Napa Wedding_05 Berringer Napa Wedding_06 Berringer Napa Wedding_07 Berringer Napa Wedding_08 Berringer Napa Wedding_09 Berringer Napa Wedding_10 Berringer Napa Wedding_11 Berringer Napa Wedding_12 Berringer Napa Wedding_13 Berringer Napa Wedding_14 Berringer Napa Wedding_15 Berringer Napa Wedding_16 Berringer Napa Wedding_17 Berringer Napa Wedding_18 Berringer Napa Wedding_19 Berringer Napa Wedding_20Vendors that made this wedding AMAZING include: