Elle Jae Wedding Photography is the collaboration of husband and wife team, Lisa Crawford & James Sanders. As wedding photographers, they strive to capture candid emotion, thorough narrative and wonderful details for every bride and groom.

James began his photographic career after obtaining a BFA in Photography in 1993. He spent several years in Los Angeles working in commercial studios shooting mostly swim wear, active wear and other catalog work.  It didn’t take long however to grow weary of LA traffic, smog and heat, so he convinced Lisa to move north with him. In 2001, he shot his first wedding and realized that it fulfilled much of what he loves about photography – narrative, beauty, natural light and portraiture.

Lisa started coordinating weddings in 2001 and has since worked on hundreds of weddings as a planner, coordinator and designer.  On New Year’s Eve of 2005,  Lisa shot her first wedding with James and she found it challenging, fun and creatively exciting.  Since then she and James have been shooting weddings both together and separately.  As of 2015 Lisa has accepted work as a full time High School teacher (teaching has been a long time wish for her, so yay!). With her new career, she is not available for every date throughout the year. When she is not available, we rely on our trusted network of second photographers all of whom are professional photographers in their own right.  Many second photographers are amazing shooters who either don’t want the responsibility of running a full blown business or don’t have the time to manage a wedding business alongside their primary focus.

Lisa and James shoot most of our weddings together as a team. Lisa focuses on close up shots which reveal emotions of the day while James’ photography is more of a storytelling.  Together, their work combines to give a depth and breadth to your wedding.  They always seek to find the way to show the true you! Not relying on a bag of tricks which worked well for another couple from years ago, Lisa and James find the strengths and dynamics of YOUR wedding day.

“Our goal is to create images in which you will see your true self. You will recognize the genuine smile of your partner and the warmth in your best friend’s eyes.  We make the ‘photographer’s hand’ invisible in the images by not over posing our couples and by not using heavy handed software tricks to achieve a look.  Genuine, organic and real… that’s what we are after”  – James & Lisa