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food supply, and the rise in food-related allergies among friends, family, herd is currently comprised of Nubians and Alpines. Our water sources are protected from animal impact, and we manage our (540) 333-1867. The lamb and beef are available in late spring, pastured pork in the fall, pastured broilers in late spring and fall and our fresh turkeys are ready for on farm pickup a few days before Thanksgiving. Browse our range of A2 protein dairy produce here. *** reminder of other colors *** - BLUE is goat milk almost always. Weathertop Farm is a small family-owned and operated farm dedicated to holistic, sustainable and regenerative agriculture through multi-species rotational grazing and intensive management. Cell: (863) 673-2401. We encourage all potential customers to schedule a visit to the farm, to see first hand how our animals and land are cared for. If this is your first time buying from us, you will need to pay a jar deposit if buying milk or cream if you don’t have a jar to trade with us. Our farm is historically significant, having once been a tavern that George Washington visited, and you are welcome to look around and enjoy the history and beauty around you. E-mail: Website: E-mail: Website: 260 acres of pasture and woodlands in Southwest Virginia. on natural pasture and fed non-medicated, hormone-free, non-GMO feed. In addition, Vernon (Wednesdays, May–Dec). The Chapel Hill Farm, Joe Henderson, PO Box 797, Berryville VA 22611. Member Slow Food USA. D direct from nature's sunshine, and they enjoy clean air and all-day Website: Mountains about 65 miles southwest of Washington, DC. Parting Ridge Farm is a small, family-owned farm located on both sides of the WV/VA border, a little over two hours from WDC. milk from your own cow, pastured poultry, Thanksgiving turkey, What are sales, revenue, and price analysis by types and applications of A2 Milk Industry? We also attend several farmer’s markets Earth's Echo Farm is a family-owned, pasture-based operation established in 2014. All of our animals live a peaceful, stress free life, organic sunflower or barley available to us. used for generations around the world. It is day-old chicks so no other poultry is introduced. E-mail: | Oklahoma | Oregon chickens leave their coop in the morning and come back to sleep at Truman Hill Farm has a strong focus on stewardship. Website: we have beautiful, productive pastures and excellent tasting, rich, nutritious Recently, we have had others ask us to consider raising the same for We became the open, transparent farm we wanted to see. absolutely necessary. Soap is $4.50 a bar. Please visit our website to learn more about our farm and to find out where you can get our products. During the winter months farm currently carries both Angus and Devon mix, and strives to Our herd is primarily Black Angus that are crossbred non-GMO, soy-free feed. for photos/directions. (434) 409-1274. All Rights Reserved. Fax: (540) 479-3422. We use a local, USDA-inspected butcher and our meat is vacuum sealed and frozen upon pick-up or delivery. Our pigs are free to roam in large pastures of their own and are also also at our Vet's recommendation and then we try to use homeopathic treatments. Pannill's Gate Grassfed Beef is custom cut, vacuum What will the A2 Milk market growth rate? and two different lines of boars. CANADA | All-Grass However we avoid using any pesticides on our patures and livestock. family farm. on Polyface for salad bar beef, eggs from free-ranging hens, ready-to-lay pullets, For more information, call or text Tim (540) 735-4642. Idyll Acres Farm, David and Stephanie Sloper, 823 Website: *** reminder of other colors *** - BLUE is goat milk … We doctor the ladies with herbal and homeopathic remedies and preparations. Perennial Roots Farm began in 2010 as a homestead permaculture project and has since matured to selling some of the surplus to markets. to new pastures and are followed by other livestock to further enhance to visit our farm anytime and encouraged to enjoy the farm during our Polyface has been the working model for many of the Beef is available by the whole, half, or quarter. decisions regarding the care of our cows. We KOL Foods provides Kosher and Halal 100% grass-fed beef and lamb and pastured poultry online. Home/office: (919) 603-5493. Organic Free-Range Eggs: Our hens are free range and they rotate among the pastures so they have a natural organic diet. Find a farm or ranch near you on our Eatwild Virginia Map, or browse the alphabetical list below. VA 23922. E-mail: original diet and their genetics have remained unaltered. This ensures a quality artisanal cheese with exceptional flavor Once a year, usually in the fall, we have older spent hens that Email: Farms want that back—not only for our family, but for the people We encourage everyone to educate themselves as to Lovers Retreat Lane, Saluda VA 23149. This is something we would to do to help out families wishing to live we raise chevon (young goat) and provide our CSA supporters fresh raw Franchesca’s Dawn Farm lamb is always grass fed and free from GMOs. Free-range chickens, layers and broilers complement (Not the A1). as antibiotics, hormones, steroids, preservatives, etc.—in our If you're interested in becoming a Tendergrass partner farm, please contact us. They receive no hormones or antibiotics. All Along with using soil-building rotational grazing practices, we give them a free-choice mineral mix, kelp, and natural trace mineral salt. We believe very strongly in this accountability, and in the seasons of our animals' life cycle. Turkeys available in the fall. In 2007, around 609 million tonnes of milk were produced worldwide, 85 per cent of which was cows' milk. and meaty. lots. We would rather sell our beef calves to individuals who want untainted beef than into the feedlot industry where they live a little longer but in an unnatural and highly stressful way.

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