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Quest Completed. You can choose to deal with him either way (the second option get him to join your crew, but the first option has possible my favorite scene in the entire game). Once you have all five, return to Methiadusa and pick which ever option you wish to end the quest. To the right of the chest on a lower rock is a small bag. Head to the south-west side of Alponos to find Nikaia, then head east to the Salty Bandits camp. Travel to the south-west side of the Sacred Plains of Demeter region and locate the Tomb of Eteokles, again speaking to Aletheia. Chicken with … Your task is to meet up with Anais near Tegea and have a good time. Once they're all dead, a cutscene will play introducing you to Hypatos. Choosing to focus on the scouts provides the best outcome for the questline if that's of interest. A Godless Blight is a Side Quest in Assassin’s Creed Odyssey. You don't owe me anything. Because of the last quest you did, you'll be able to get the best ending to this quest if you elected not to kill Polyphemos at all. Choices and Consequences; Sex and Romance; Abilities; Mercenaries; Tombs - Ancient Stele; Tombs - Ancient Stele; Tomb of Alkathous; Tomb of … Choosing Athena doesn't progress the quest in anyway, it's just a piece of small talk. Go straight ahead at the fork and into a room with a hole in the middle, cross the room to the other side then break the pots and slide under the wall, turning around to find the first symbol. Follow him out of the cave, and kill any animals you come across on the way towards where you'll need to kill some bandits. Assassin's Creed Odyssey is full of intriguing and romantic storylines but also some … Both Arion and Anais will be happy with what you have taught the boy. Interact with a small rocky outcrop on the north side, a basket on the large rocks nearby, the blood near the peak of the hill, and the goat body on the peak. The first two don't matter really, but the third one decides whether you continue talking to him (Breathe) or you leave him alone (Control yourself). Once the fight is easily won, you'll have to make three time based decisions. As Daphnae pressed me to fight, I told her I loved her and she yelled at me that I was forcing her to choose between me and her honor, and she would always choose her loyalty to Artemis. Find Anais. Here’s a walkthrough of A Night in Tegea in AC Odyssey. Continue into a room with another wooden structure and climb it, then go through the door to the right and open the chest to receive the helmet you're after. Choose the following in order (the order will be different if you did the last three quests in a different order, but the answers are the same); After which, the quest will end and you'll unlock; Travel to the northern coast of the White Crystal region, and speak to Megakles at the northern tip of Alponos. Requires completion of the main story line, a, Find anything you think is wrong with this walkthrough? Head south-east to the Dyspontion Ruins and locate the prisoner on the eastern side of the ruins. Follow him on horseback, but if he spots a fight a long the way, he will get involved until everyone is dead, so hopefully you get lucky and there aren't too many en-route, and as you arrive at Alponos, talk to him for a cutscene. Finally, talk to Arion again. And I definitely made the wrong choice when it came to poor Daphnae. Once they're all dealt with, talk to Megakles again. | Terms of service She will be surrounded by a lot of lions and boars, but they won't attack you. Return back to Anais's house and speak to her again. There are three scouts to take care of, all located in the Bay of Xerxes region in Malis. After a short, slightly sad, cutscene, the quest will end, unlocking; On the south-eastern side of the Forest of Soron region, you'll find Anais outside a small building on a grain farm. | Terms of service Finally, travel south again to reach Anaphi and travel to its eastern tip to find the Drakontospilo cave and head inside. Go right at the first fork, then carry on straight ahead and climb up some stairs off to the left (you'll know it's the right way as there will be a lot of pillars lying in the pathway). The second choice will be what you will eat as the main course. Speak to Princess Hexione again, and she'll introduce you to Chalkippe who's brother you'll need to find. Return back to the mysterious woman one last time. ""Second are the shining stars and the face of the moon. Follow Herodotos to his house, and once inside, interact with a tablet to the left as you enter, the vase to the right of the room, and the small toy at the back. Travel south from the Port to reach Mycenae, use Ikaros to locate Timotheos once you arrive, then in either order kill the bandits in the camp and free Timotheos. Back in the village, speak to the blacksmiths daughter, Methiadusa, next to the message board to start The Ore of Aphrodite quest. The ac odyssey blood fever quest also gives you choices and is the side quest in the Kephalonia which is the starting part of the game.. Depending on who you choose as the most dangerous God will change the next set of missions. In order to start this quest you should complete the Unplanned Parenthood quest and then talk to Anais again. Rewards: Legendary XP, Legendary Drachmae. After a small cutscene (where you can learn 1 - 10 in Greek), you'll need to search for Anais in the nearby fields, she's to the left side of the table of honey if you're looking away from the house. None of the options have any real relevance at this stage, but it's best to say you have both offerings for the best outcome. Continue east towards the Spring of Piera and you'll find a woman among some tents on the northern side. Registration Number: 284733852 - Copyright © 2020-30 Flexserve Resource Limited All Rights Reserved. After talking to him, you'll either have to track down a witch and kill her, or destroy the poisoned supply of wine. , Start-Up (Korean Drama) Episode 13 Preview, Start-Up (Korean Drama) Episode 12 Preview. Once inside, locate the five piece of ore needed (right wall as you enter, behind the pillar across the water with posts in it, behind another pillar a short way ahead, behind the large pillar in the last room, and on top of the other rocky outcrop in the same room). If you choose the top option, you will be able to grab the wine from a small camp a short way west, then return to Circe. Return to Brother Lion and give him the branch, then return to the village leader, then back to the mysterious woman. I wish I’d just done the “correct” thing and fought Daphnae to lead the Daughters. If you choose the better option earlier you'll get the good ending here. Don't fight any of the wolves as you enter, and a cutscene will play once inside. You will then have a choice of two quests, Everyman's Drink, or A Sophisticated Tipple. Take the guards out and free Orchimedes, then follow him out of the temple and speak to him once he stops. If you followed this guide fully, the options you will have are; Let's get this over with.I'll pay their debts (10,000 drachmae)We can talk this out. Step 1 - Meeting the old love Odyssey Into the Past. Head into the ocean to the north and take out the four Persian ships patrolling nearby. After returning to Circe and drinking the wine, you will end up in the nearby Alkaios Tomb where three boars will attack you. Make your decision on how to deal with the guards, then speak to Theras. Travel west to the Ruined Temple of Zeus and eliminate the bandits there. The last choice will be what you eat for dessert. It's dark inside the building, and there's several boars you have to deal with before going up to the second floor to find the charm in a small box next to the wooden doors on the south-west side.

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