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Some colleges and universities require or accept ACT writing scores, so you may consider taking the writing section. These sensations of light, emanating from without, are at the bottom of many of our dreams. The ACT Reading section is a very time-sensitive section. ACT is a trademark of ACT, Inc, which is not affiliated with nor endorses this website. You can get an idea of your current skill level and create a personalized study plan by taking a free online Practice Test as you begin your review. and begin! Whether you need, act_reading-analyzing-authorial-tone-and-method-in-humanities-passages, act_reading-analyzing-sequence-in-humanities-passages, act_reading-comparing-and-contrasting-ideas-in-humanities-passages, act_reading-determining-context-dependent-meanings-of-phrases-and-clauses-in-humanities-passages, act_reading-determining-context-dependent-meanings-of-words-in-humanities-passages, act_reading-drawing-generalizations-about-humanities-passages, act_reading-drawing-inferences-from-humanities-passages, act_reading-identifying-and-analyzing-important-details-in-humanities-passages, act_reading-identifying-and-analyzing-main-ideas-in-humanities-passages, act_reading-understanding-causes-and-effects-in-humanities-passages, act_reading-analyzing-authorial-tone-and-method-in-natural-science-passages, act_reading-analyzing-sequence-in-natural-science-passages, act_reading-comparing-and-contrasting-ideas-in-natural-science-passages, act_reading-determining-context-dependent-meanings-of-phrases-and-clauses-in-natural-science-passages, act_reading-determining-context-dependent-meanings-of-words-in-natural-science-passages, act_reading-drawing-generalizations-about-natural-science-passages, act_reading-drawing-inferences-from-natural-science-passages, act_reading-identifying-and-analyzing-important-details-in-natural-science-passages, act_reading-identifying-and-analyzing-main-ideas-in-natural-science-passages, act_reading-understanding-causes-and-effects-in-natural-science-passages, act_reading-analyzing-authorial-tone-and-method-in-paired-passages, act_reading-comparing-and-contrasting-ideas-in-paired-passages, act_reading-determining-context-dependent-meanings-of-phrases-and-clauses-in-paired-passages, act_reading-determining-context-dependent-meanings-of-words-in-paired-passages, act_reading-identifying-and-analyzing-important-details-in-paired-passages, act_reading-analyzing-authorial-tone-and-method-in-prose-fiction-passages, act_reading-analyzing-sequence-in-prose-fiction-passages, act_reading-comparing-and-contrasting-ideas-in-prose-fiction-passages, act_reading-determining-context-dependent-meanings-of-phrases-and-clauses-in-prose-fiction-passages, act_reading-determining-context-dependent-meanings-of-words-in-prose-fiction-passages, act_reading-drawing-generalizations-about-prose-fiction-passages, act_reading-drawing-inferences-from-prose-fiction-passages, act_reading-identifying-and-analyzing-important-details-in-prose-fiction-passages, act_reading-identifying-and-analyzing-main-ideas-in-prose-fiction-passages, act_reading-understanding-causes-and-effects-in-prose-fiction-passages, act_reading-analyzing-authorial-tone-and-method-in-social-science-or-history-passages, act_reading-analyzing-sequence-in-social-science-or-history-passages, act_reading-comparing-and-contrasting-ideas-in-social-science-or-history-passages, act_reading-determining-context-dependent-meanings-of-phrases-and-clauses-in-social-science-or-history-passages, act_reading-determining-context-dependent-meanings-of-words-in-social-science-or-history-passages, act_reading-drawing-generalizations-about-social-science-or-history-passages, act_reading-drawing-inferences-from-social-science-or-history-passages, act_reading-identifying-and-analyzing-important-details-in-social-science-or-history-passages, act_reading-identifying-and-analyzing-main-ideas-in-social-science-or-history-passages, act_reading-understanding-causes-and-effects-in-social-science-or-history-passages, Click here to share your results on Twitter, Click here to share your results on Facebook, Click here to share your results on Google+, San Francisco-Bay Area ACT Reading Tutoring, San Francisco-Bay Area ACT Reading Tutors, Spanish Courses & Classes in Washington DC, Spanish Courses & Classes in New York City, MCAT Courses & Classes in San Francisco-Bay Area. passage states: “Indeed, research shows that there is a definite link Instructions: Read the passage in the ACT reading practice test below and answer the questions that follow. Click to share with specific Email friends via direct message. There was really presented to our perceptions, in sleep, a visual dust, and it was this dust which served for the fabrication of our dreams. Once you are finished, click the button below. But, first, is it true that there is nothing there? B) are the result of sedimentary geological formations. You might think of them as little quizzes, which you can use to hone your skills. older females live alone more often than do men or younger women. Determine the author’s viewpoint 6.) The writer uses the phrase “owing to” primarily in order to emphasize: A) differences between two opposing theories. Focus on adjectives and other descriptive phrases when making these comparisons. The varying intensity of the different colors seen in dreams. Alaska had the lowest population density, and the population density of the Northeast, which has always been high, continued consistently to outstrip that of other regional areas. Which of the following statements expresses a possible interpretation of the relationship between the changes to the marriage rate and divorce rate? Close the eyes and look attentively at what goes on in the field of our vision. the spending habits of the richest sector of the population. phosphenes are formed when the brain simplifies the dream images it has created. B) the importance of this research into brain activity. According to paragraph 4, the most notable demographic shift when comparing geographic areas was that: 7. Hint: This is a specific detail question, as stated in the reading strategies section that follows, you need to analyze the sentence containing the specific idea: “This inhospitable climate has brought about the adaptation of a plethora of plants and biological organisms. The younger age profile of immigrants also helps to balance the pressures of an aging population. The ACT Reading section does not test grammar or ask you to find errors included in a passage; that material is tested on the ACT English section. 4. What can be inferred from the author’s use of the phrase “the lion’s share of” in the final paragraph? [5] The survey also examined changes to overall national income, as well as the spending habits of individuals and households. Why does the author mention the changes to the populations of Florida and Arizona? Upon this black background occasionally brilliant points which come and go, rising and descending, slowly and sedately. If this activity does not load, try refreshing your browser. *AP & SAT are registered trademarks of the College Board, which wasn't involved in the production of, and doesn't endorse this website. The author states that even though most of our dream images come from internal sources: external sources also exert a continual influence on our dreams. The different sources of black and white and colored phosphenes. But the explanation of the phenomenon and the name that is given to it is not what is important here.

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