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Cats of both sexes and of all ages and breeds appear to be similarly vulnerable. The serum feline pancreatic lipase immunoreactivity (fPLI) test is a simple non-invasive blood test that looks for markers of pancreatitis. Pancreatitis in Cats: Symptoms & Treatment | Hill's Pet, World Small Animal Veterinary Association, Foods that are Dangerous or Toxic to Cats, Diet Considerations for Pregnant & Nursing Cats, Satiety's Important Role in Your Cat's Overall Weight and Health, Hyperthyroidism in Cats: Warning Signs, Management & Treatment, Hill's® Science Diet® Adult Chicken Recipe cat food, Hill's® Science Diet® Adult Ocean Fish Entrée cat food, Hill's® Science Diet® Adult Healthy Cuisine Roasted Chicken & Rice Medley cat food, Hill's® Science Diet® Adult Savory Chicken Entrée cat food, Increased thirst and urination (which are easily mistaken for signs of diabetes). “So in a lot of cases,” he explains, “you just have to make the assumption of pancreatitis based on the physical examination of the cat, the presence of any concurrent diseases, bloodwork and ultrasound—and then you begin treatment.”. The earlier the signs are spotted and treatment begins, the better your cat's prognosis may be. Chronic pancreatitis, depending on the severity of your cat's case, might require periodic hospital trips but can usually be managed at home. “The outcome,” he notes, “will depend not only on the severity of the disorder but also, unfortunately, on the owner’s ability to pay for treatment. Feeding your cat properly is critical during pregnancy and nursing. The pancreas is a small organ tucked between your cat's stomach and intestines. The pancreas is part of the endocrine and digestive systems, and plays in important role in digesting foods. Feline pancreatitis--otherwise known as inflammation of the pancreas in cats--is a serious and potentially life-threatening condition. This is mainly because cats with mild cases may show very few signs of the disease. Fortunately, veterinary scientists are continuing to improve the diagnostic tools available. She has a rescue dog named Jem. The progression of feline pancreatitis can take various paths. While she is hospitalized, your cat might be given antibiotics to minimize her risk of suppurative (infectious) pancreatitis. Mindy enjoys hiking with Jem while listening to podcasts about the American Civil War and Abraham Lincoln. Although the underlying cause of chronic pancreatitis in cats often cannot be determined, possible risk factors should be eliminated. Supporting Cat Health with Information and Health Studies. This wide range of jobs means that the signs of a pancreatic problem often mimic other medical conditions. Delicious roasted chicken and rice in a mouthwatering sauce. Diagnosis and Treatment But these signs, he observes, are common in other disorders as well, such as liver disease. “But when things do go wrong and the enzymes start digesting the pancreatic tissue,” he says, “you’ve got pancreatitis.”. One common type fits into a soft collar that lets your cat move and play normally under supervision. Hyperthyroidism is a common feline endocrine disorder. The only way a definitive diagnosis can be made is through a biopsy, he notes, but this involves a surgical or laproscopic procedure that may not be advisable for a seriously ailing, physically debilitated animal. They may also be administered to address dehydration. It can have serious, sometimes fatal, consequences on vital organs like the heart and kidneys. Cornell University College of Veterinary Medicine, Cornell Ruffian Equine Specialists, on Long Island, Endocrine function—A minute but crucially important portion of total pancreatic mass is made up of tissue containing small clusters of cells called islets of Langerhans. Hospital vets will also provide your cat with pain relief, as well as anti-nausea medicine to help combat nausea your cat might have. Indications for their use include sepsis (may If the cause of the pancreatitis is known to be a bacterial infection, antibiotics are used to solve the problem at its root. There’s often no way to treat a severe case of the disorder on an outpatient basis, and 24-hour care can run into thousands of dollars.”, The most common clinical signs of feline pancreatitis include lethargy, anorexia, dehydration, and low body temperature. If you don’t, you’ll never be able to diagnose it and move forward with treatment.”, To be on the safe side, Dr. Goldstein advises, owners should seek veterinary counsel if a cat with a typically healthy appetite refuses to eat—even for just a day. Malnutrition can result in low birth weight of the kittens and put them at health risk. Although no uniformly effective cure for feline pancreatitis has yet been developed, an affected cat will typically be hospitalized for several days while supportive treatment proceeds. Cats with evidence of fatty liver disease need immediate nutritional support to prevent dangerous liver problems. “But you always have to have a suspicion of it. The pancreas is a slender, pink, v-shaped strip of tissue resting snugly within the cat’s abdomen between its left kidney and its duodenum. The exact cause of most feline pancreatitis cases is unknown. If, on the other hand, these harsh digestive enzymes are prematurely activated, they can seep not into the intestines but into the pancreas itself and surrounding tissue. Read about 5 of the worst toxic food offenders that can kill your cat - and how much it takes to hurt them. Mindy Cohan is a veterinarian in the Philadelphia area and a graduate of the University of Pennsylvania School of Veterinary Medicine. The standard diagnostic procedure will involve a medical history of the animal, a thorough physical examination, bloodwork and ultrasound. Although tubes may look intimidating and painful, they are relatively easy to use, gentle on your cat and extremely important in delivering critical calories and nutrients while she recovers. The process of enzyme secretion has several stimuli, says Dr. Goldstein.

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