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Raw food advocates avoid heating food to temperatures in excess of 118 degrees, and many believe that the almond has evolved over millennia with one goal in mind: to survive in order to develop into a tree. Intake of organic almonds helps maintain insulin sensitivity [2]., [7]. This was an interesting article and thanks for sharing. That can’t be healthy at all. Just think how today, raw food is exponentially more popular. The freshly picked almonds are gassed with PPO, which kills any errant bacteria, and though this method is approved by the US Food and Drug Administration, PPO is categorized as possibly carcinogenic to humans by the World Health Organization’s International Agency for Research on Cancer. I’d keep them in the freezer for longest shelf life, but I go through mine fast enough that I can store them in a glass jar at room temperature for up to a month. To get your hands on raw almonds in the United States that haven't been pasteurized by either steam or PPO, you must import them. I’am willing to sell my raw almonds in the next few weeks after they are picked up and taken to the huller and sheller. Of course this begs the question, what’s inside those bags you see for sale labeled as “raw” at any random grocery store? Glenn Anderson snacks on almonds at his farm in Hilmar, Calif. They are the best I have had by far. Because they really are raw and unpasteurized, they have a soft texture that almost melts as you chew them. Don't know why they would have to pasteurize them for safety if … It doesn’t matter if you are buying another store brand, like almonds from Costco’s Kirkland, Target’s Archer Farms, or Kroger’s Simple Truth. Additionally, I found a farm in the Central Valley that sells raw almonds that are pasteurized (and USDA certified) using a very delicate technique that they detail on their website. This is a CA Prop 8 endorser/donator. They grow the almonds so you know exactly where they’re coming from. Some of the B vitamins may degrade from the heat treatment. The hydrogen cyanide gas is actually formed in your stomach when the cyanide in the almonds meets your stomach acids. Even prepackaged salads for sale at the grocery store began using “spinach-free” stickers on the clamshells. Californian-grown organic almonds that are “raw” should be steam sterilized, however the non-organic/conventional are often PPO treated, because it can be a cheaper and quicker way to sterilize them. which is the best of the 2 evils? Thus, advocates argue, how can the microorganisms that live on the almond hurt us? Cooking Light is part of the Allrecipes Food Group. As a result, sales suffered immensely for a brief period. We had to implement a definitive control step such as pasteurization.". Our concern was what that did to the nutritional value of the nuts themselves. Possibly they went out of business, however, I followed one of the links displayed and found the below link for a company in San Marcos, CA called Sun Organic Farms. Here, shelled walnuts are packaged. All California almonds — which would be virtually all the almonds in the country — are either heat-pasteurized or treated with a fumigant. Some say it’s a conspiracy to block an alleged cancer cure, but that’s a myth. Almond oil, flour, butter, syrup, paste, and milk are products found in the market worldwide. Anderson never steamed another batch, but he continues to sell his almonds under an exception within the regulation: As long as he sells his nuts directly to consumers in small batches, he is not legally required to pasteurize. Now what to do???? Modern science points to the unique nutrient profile of organic almonds that strengthens the capacity of the epidermis to ward off irritants and nourishes the lipids found in the skin [2]. There is a 30-70% reduction in in antioxidant properties during Unfortunately, they’ve also allowed the continuous radiation contamination and deception of the triple meltdown in Japan to severely contaminate produce, fruits, nuts, meat, dairy, fish, sea salt, kelp, seaweed, water and everything food in CA, OR, WA, HI, AK, Mexico, Canada, the Pacific and the Gulf with massive amounts of Fluoride, Cesium, Iodine, and hundreds other radioactive toxins.. Be wise, avoid feeding your family food grown and produced with these dangerous isotopes or expect to see infertility, heart disease, cancer, thyroid illness, brain damage, organ damage, hair loss, bone damage and loss, fatigue, and a whole lot more. Photo: Greg Dupree. Raw almonds were sold in abundance up until 2007, and they are only pasteurized now because of two past outbreaks of Salmonella, not because they are toxic. I’m usually a big advocate for buying US so this is sad for me to do. An experience you definitely won’t know until you try one that’s truly raw! (16). You can buy raw almonds in the U.S. but it’s not going to be at stores like Trader Joe’s, Walmart and Meijer. Bremner Farms of Chico, California does sell them by mail order and they are CCOF certified organic. I was aware of the US not having truly raw almonds anymore but am able to easily pick up almonds from other places here. They are high quality imported from Spain. Thanks so much. I wait a few hours for the almonds to warm up. (6), Laetrile, a semi-synthetic form of amygdalin, was patented in 1961 as a potential cancer treatment. Once they surpass a certain amount, on the other hand, buyers are required by the USDA to purchase almonds that have been processed somehow. “We were told that we could have pasteurized almonds and they would still sprout and grow trees,” said Moore. going on with Big Ag (and even small Ag) it is very difficult to get good-quality food. Linda Harris, a cooperative extension specialist who researches food safety at the University of California, Davis, disagrees., [6]. As for the primary point of this post (thank you VERY much for the links, our officials are so greedy and corrupt, aren’t they? That’s how they wrote it. Vitamin B17 is hard to get in our American diet. Has anyone tried almonds from Spain or Argentina? I’m sorry – I thought that the REASON they are not to be sold raw is because of the cyanide in almonds and that heat treatment (or other) was needed to make them safe. Sorry, sorry, truly so, but the Fukashima disaster has raised levels of some truly horrific things in all the water on the West Coast. I hope that Trichinosis and Salmonella are considered “Whole food!” . For example, the oil is extracted from the nuts and applied to the skin during massages. But those raw almonds you're smugly soaking in water à la Gwyneth Paltrow probably aren't as raw as you think they are. California state laws mandate that almonds be heat-pasteurized, irradiated, or put through a similar “kill step” before being sold for commercial reasons.

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