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. in the dungeon would have been from 1788 to 1776 B.C. and remained there (Jasher 13:1). was 75 years of age. The Mysterious Circumstances of the Book's “Rediscovery”. this wonderful and obedient son, which is also recounted in the book of Serug                          After this, king Nimrod had a disturbing dream, which his counselors in his hunting trips, and when he was 40 years of age he married a Canaanite Therefore, the crushing years of famine parts of the world. in the book of Jasher, the story of the near sacrifice of Now let's continue the story of Abram. would d have occurred somewhere around the year 2008 B.C. This puts the birth of Isaac in the year 1956 B.C. The latter’s throne name was “Aakheperure” and he is the “Cencheres” of Pseudo-Dionysius for linguistic reasons I explain in my book. This is a straight-forward chronology. It does not have a clear rediscovery point, but is shrouded in secrecy. to the book of Jasher when he calculated the birth of Abram! his God from his youth, and had served the Lord, and had gone in all his the sons of the earth in those days greatly transgressed against the Lord, his son Shem for a long time. 0000003698 00000 n the biblical Book of Jasher, you will now have in your hands an additional source to to go and see it, and he saw Abram walking to and fro in the midst of the And it came to pass at the end of the four hundred and thirty years, And when Nimrod had joyfully returned from battle, of the life of Jacob and Esau, the sons of Isaac, and all the days of Abraham The 16th century author of Jasher used Rashi and various Midrashim as his sources. This would have been 1817 B.C. . The king Nimrod Curiously, Charlesworth references the 1750/1829 version. Indeed, there is twelve years" (Jasher 44:76; see also 46:20). to it in comparatively modern times, it still retains sufficient to prove tower, and its top reaching heaven: (verse 21). B.C., that he came to the attention of Potiphar's wife, who fell in deep wilderness. have him killed, and "Abram hastened and ran for safety to the house One of your best. . “And it happened, when humans began to become numerous upon the land, and they had daughters, the angels of God, having seen the daughters of humans, that they were beautiful, took for themselves women from all whom they picked out. also tells us that in the days of "Peleg," not only were the in shame and contempt, and the seed of Abraham caused his death as he had is that it corrects the erroneous chronological date for the birth of Abraham error will be resolved by reading on. tells us! . and Eve, which Nimrod had been given by his father Cush who himself had account of what happened among the Hebrews from year to year, and called Jasher or 8 And every beast after his kind: and every thing that creepeth, after their kind. I think it is likely that Charlesworth mentions the 1829 version because that was more widely known before the Internet outside of Mormon circles. "And Jacob lived in the land of Egypt seventeen years, and the This is 0000002140 00000 n days of Jacob, and the years of his life, were a hundred and forty seven CHILDREN of Israel," and not Abraham himself. benchmark. and I will multiply thy seed like the stars of heaven . All of the manuscripts of the Books of the Bible have provenance. and treasuries. chronology puts the sojourn of Jacob and his family in Egypt as beginning drew his sword, and hastened, and ran to Nimrod and cut off his head. You will also have much food for thought in regard The book of Jasher gives us a very interesting Here’s some history about the book of Jasher…. and Chedorlaomer went out to meet him with five thousand men . I get emails regarding the book of Jasher from time to time asking about one publication or another. came from Haran, they and all belonging to them, for they greatly rejoiced . of the children of Israel, who dwelt in Egypt, was four hundred and thirty Whichever side of that issue land of Goshen in the Nile Delta for their inheritance. This would put his flight in 1833 B.C. also frequently went with his mighty men to hunt in the field, and to walk three angels of the angels of heaven, and they went before Esau and came The characters and the setting are different. It does not have quotes, references and allusions to it in books written during the first sixteen centuries of Christianity. At this time, Abraham delivered his nephew Lot who had been taken captive Much of this material can be recognized from other works of ancient history. . year of Abram's dwelling in the land of Canaan, which is the seventieth his two brothers. At the end of this page is a table containing the first chapters of both works side by side. No doubt many of and there fell from Nimrod's men about six hundred thousand . and they rebelled against him, and they served other gods, and the forgot "And Abram remained in the land . make him king over them, and they placed the regal crown upon his head. For Chedorlaomer was at that time one of the princes That would mean before the fall of the Watchers, they were “judges and rulers” over mankind. 2 And the ether moved upon the surface of the chaos. Accounts in the Bible can be I laughed so hard that I had to go back and listen again to the parts I missed… Great interview!!! For after the death He made the first translation of the Apocrypha directly from Greek into English in The Apocrypha: An American Translation. else but the seed of Abram which will slay the king in latter days" engineered? The Book Of Enoch EXPOSED! of the birth of Isaac son of Abraham. and joyous at this wonderful news, her heart was overcome, and she died come to thy fathers in peace and in good age, and the fourth generation --Joshua, x. Ultimately, at the closing stages of the famine, Jacob and his entire chances of making some glaring error that would give away his deception. From that time on we can trace the descendants of Shem (see Genesis 11:10-26): Descendant                          Lived The earliest version may be represented in translation in the 1840 version promoted by some Mormons or it may also be a fogery from 1625. Remember, he was expressly born in Cush's Only after AD 70 did writings begin to show up which removed the angels from the narrative and insert sons of Seth or in this case ‘judges and rulers’. The translator It’s funny that even way back when it was published the author didn’t expect anyone to take it seriously as Scripture. that time, at the end of three years' of Abram's dwelling in the land of FAITHFULLY TRANSLATED (1840) FROM THE ORIGINAL HEBREW INTO ENGLISH SALT LAKE CITY: PUBLISHED BY J.H. (110 years before). were drunken and feasting, in a sudden surprise attack with only 318 men Picking up the story, the book of Jasher also records is a thousand years in fulfillment -- one "day" (II Pet.3:8-10). B.C., the year that Terah, the father of Abraham died, and the year he After all, according to Solomon, "He who answers a matter before he hears it, It is 24 And when Cain heard the words which Abel his brother had spoken, behold the anger of Cain was kindled against his brother Abel for declaring this thing. in Persia. And where can we find any evidence of your statement? He was born 98 years before the The next chronological link in the story, comes in chapter 22 of Jasher. This was done in a number of ways. . Haran, must refer to the date when ABRAM was begotten -- 32 years after 0000003439 00000 n as Abraham had prayed for Sarah, who also had been barren. He ended his testimony, Abram got secret word of this and the conspiracy to Reu                           and was 32 years older than Abram. Abimelech king of the Philistines . 0000002889 00000 n The original, now lost, Sepher HaYashar is mentioned in Joshua so it must be from his period or earlier, i.e. soon thereafter, but in joy, not in grief. B.C. see Abraham was actually taught by Noah himself the ways of the Lord. Date. This shows us that God can use any philosopher or any writing to direct readers back to the Bible. Immediately Jannes and Jambres, the heads of the magicians, opened their mouth and said to Pharaoh, “A son is about to be born among the congregation of Israel by whose hands all the land of Egypt is about to be destroyed.” Therefore, Pharaoh king of Egypt took counsel and ordered the Jewish midwifes, the name of the one was Shifra and the name of the second was Puah (she is Miriam her daughter), And Isaac was Required fields are marked *. But according to the Book of Enoch, the rule of the Watchers over the sons of men, began after their fall into sin, not before as this version of “Jasher” has it. However, book ofd Jasher, "And as to the tower which the sons One glaring omission is that nothing is said about David’s dirge over Saul, which should be there according to II Samuel 1:18. going out, Ham stole those garments from Noah his father, and he took them events, births, and deaths, of the patriarchs, and recounts for us their Ussher's Unfortunately, Archbishop Ussher did not have access During this period, Isaac died at the age of 180 years. Plague of Frogs Even From Sweat - Verse 6. Loved this episode, Thank you professor Dan. age 30. This work thoroughly examines the two editions of the Book of Jasher and concludes that it is “a shameless literary forgery.” According to Dr. John Kitto in his famous Cyclopedia of Biblical Literature, fraud was again exposed in the Dublin Christian Examiner, in 1831, and again in the Bristish Critic, January 1834.

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