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A plane tree, a sycamore, or the like trees in a dream represent great, strong and famous men who have no wealth, nor do they benefit anyone. The leaves may represent our per­sonal life which may fall off the tree of life (die) but what gave it life continues to exist. If such a fear-based dream image appears, experiment with different behaviors. It ought to have had fruit if it had been true to its "pretensions," in showing its leaves at this particular season. This omen is a difficult one to judge, as the importance of the dream depends upon the Figures involved, and these again depend upon the circumstances of the dream. Ten Thousand Dream Interpretation, 2. The lesson was manifest: his seeking the fruit had a symbolic meaning, it was a living parable, so often used by the prophets. In foliage, joy and happiness; cut down, loss of friends through death; climbing trees, toil uphill. Dealing With Silent Treatment From Your Twin Flame, Twin Flame Marriage – Everything You Need to Know, 12 Psychic Signs Someone is Thinking of You, Fifth Dimensional Consciousness – Releasing The Illusions of 3D, 22 Spiritual Awakening Symptoms You Will Notice, Higher Consciousness Symptoms – The 17 Signs. If the tree was covered in deep green foliage, this suggests summer or the prime of life; if its leaves were starting to fall, this suggests autumn and middle age; and if the tree looked bare, this suggests winter and old age, or concerns about getting older. Dreaming of a chestnut means you will be healthy and strong. So, the fig tree has a great significance in the Hindu religion. One of the Hindu Gods named ‘Vishnu’ was born under this tree. If a thorn-tree is seen in the dram, it means the observer of the dream will suffer some harm caused by some person. Jesus told his followers to have faith in their prayers. Bible Dictionaries - Easton's Bible Dictionary - Fig, California - Do Not Sell My Personal Information. Moreover, many sages in ancient India practiced meditation under this tree. You need to change that! The fig tree warns you about one-sided desires for purely sexual gratification. Example: ‘I realised a door had been left open that should have been locked and I felt very vulnerable. Trees symbolically have been associated with the Garden of Eden and returning to innocence. The Higher Self or embodiment of your conscious self, and your interactions with same (or lack thereof). The fig-tree of Palestine (Ficus carica) produces two and sometimes three crops of figs in a year, (1) the bikkurah, or "early-ripe fig" ( Micah 7:1 ; Isaiah 28:4 ; Hosea 9:10 , RSV), which is ripe about the end of June, dropping off as soon as it is ripe ( Nahum 3:12 ); (2) the kermus, or "summer fig," then begins to be formed, and is ripe about August; and (3) the pag (plural "green figs," Cant 2:13 ; Gr. Their branches can represent branches o knowledge that reach toward the sky, or the Upper World, to obtain higher knowledge. Trees have a myriad of associations in dream lore, everything from the mythical tree of life to the more common family tree. NB Where there is an unresolved inner conflict, there is a tendency to project the unconscious protagonist on to other people, often with dire consequences in personal relationships. Mystic Dream Book, To see a pine-tree in your dream signifies idleness and remissness, To see a prize fight in your dreams, denotes your affairs will give you trouble in controlling them. To dream of planting a tree suggests that you are seeking spiritual nourishment. Ten Thousand Dream Interpretation. The Big Dictionary of Dreams, As with all dream symbols, the tone and setting of the dream indicate which meaning is applicable.... Dream Symbols in The Dream Encyclopedia. The Element Encyclopedia. This may be a stunted aspect of our personality which does not become apparent until we are prepared to take responsibility for it. An evergreen tree in a dream represents the element oflongevity and strength, but it could also imply slavery because of its needles. All rights reserved. It is a portent of a joyous home life with a handsome and adoring husband for a maiden to dream of walking through a row of palm trees. Do you always take the easy way out? Uprooting a palm tree in a dream also means a dead end to one’s plans, or it could mean a dispute. Depth Psychology: The fig is a symbol of sexual needs and erotic adventures. The almond tree is associated with feelings of rebirth and renovation. Explore the nature of your relationship to your family when trees appear in your dreams. This dream symbol is important, because it makes you aware of options and possibilities.... Dreamers Dictionary. The Language of Dreams, Copyright © dreamsymbol.org - 2020 If you dream of a fallen or dead tree, this suggests that you are off balance and out of sync. Negative omen if furniture is made out of pine. Transfiguration usually means being surrounded by light, and for this to happen suggests that it has some divine or special purpose. Its white flowers are beautiful but at the same time delicate and fragile. It is a bad omen to see the forbidden tree in a dream. The head of the Catholic Church, the Pope, may also represent the archetypal wise old man. Often, this guru says, it is all the product of an illusion. The health, quality, and shape of the dream-tree is an indication of your constitution and vitality. Christmas tree, other evergreen: the eternal aspect of our tran­sitory experience. See Path, Road. Please enter your email address associated with your Salem All-Pass account, then click Continue. The seasonal appearance of the tree in your dream will be significant because the stages of a person’s life are reflected in the effects of the seasons on a deciduous tree. Dead tree: past way of life; something which was full of life for you in the past, but is now dead; dead relative. If the father figure was absent when you were growing up or your father never punished you severely or unfairly, your unconscious may summon up a father archetype to bring to your attention immature attitudes that are holding you back. If the apple has worms: frustration or separation. Colin dreamt this in his early 50s, at a time when he felt frustrated by not being able to achieve a regular source of income or, more important, feel satisfied with what he had achieved in life. In Celtic tradition, the Goddess’s trees in Avalon bore apples that granted longevity’. If one sees his figure shorter than his normal size in a dream, then it denotes losing respect or nearing the end of one’s life. Fighting is a no nonsense dream of change, and the dream itself will have to point to the area of your life that will be changed.

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