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I believe the Global Conference was not possible if it was not through an online platform. Wednesday, December 9, at 3 p.m. "The Future of Education" Join us as we look ahead to a … The session included topics ranging from the transformation from the traditional way of learning, inter-disciplinary studies and the need to look beyond the doctrinal approach of learning the discipline of law as a philosophical study. Before the Law School: Law School Admissions During COVID-19. The institution must realize that society has been dynamic and that there has been an unceasing development. Manya Pundhir is a Lecturer at Jindal Global Law School, O. P. Jindal Global University, India. As an academician, my personal experience in such difficult times has been both perplexing, thought-provokingly learning. We will be blogging about the first-ever Global Virtual Conference by Jindal Global Law School, O.P. While other universities struggled with their online tests, or even conducted offline tests (thus risking the health of the students amidst the pandemic) – the LSAT helped universities walk through any perceived delays that were caused due to the pandemic. I would like to thank Jindal Global Law School for organizing this extremely informative and timely session. Professor Dr. Jorge Arturo, highlighted a very interesting point as to how the professors needed to be more aware and attentive towards student behaviour, now more than ever, to cater to their mental health issues. The distinguished panel that consisted of Professor Gregory N. Mandel (Temple University), Professor Eduardo M. Penalver (Cornell Law School), Professor Elizabeth Kronk Warner (University of Utah), and Professor Arjya Majumdar (O.P. we must reflect on all the challenges faced because of the pandemic and how the schools have done their best to overcome them. Jindal Global University. Universities have adopted to this new lifestyle while keeping their academic calendars on the loop, without jeopardizing the students’ careers due to delays that are even beyond their scope. I am Auroshikha Deka – Assistant Lecturer in Jindal Global Law School, O.P. I am an Assistant Lecturer at Jindal Global Law School where I have been teaching laws governing properties and their commercialisations. It was further highlighted by Professor Michael Adams, Head of School of Law University of New England, Australia, in the session that a huge percentage of students even after taking law firm jobs branch out into becoming playwrights, diplomats, business experts or start non-profit organizations and therefore, there is a need to shape and nurture students through inter-disciplinary studies to prepare them for such roles. I am Arijeet Ghosh, a Lecturer with Jindal Global Law School (JGLS), O.P Jindal Global University, and I will be handling the blog for the next hour. On the other hand, the crisis has stimulated innovation in the education sector. Professor Saripan, on the same lines discussed how the transition has exposed technology potential support for the class. This equally includes students belonging to areas where they might not have the available technology around them as much. Some educators worry that there will be no students to teach anymore in the near future as technology might take over a lot of tasks and abilities that we have been teaching our students for decades. As a law person as our worldview if affected by the challenges brought about aspects from making the curriculum, to imparting education to delivering justice. The session was moderated by Professor (Dr.) Stephen P. Marks françois-xavier bagnoud professor of health & human rights, Harvard University, United States of America. No discussion on how not to spam peoples inboxes with webinar invites? Law school education has been traditional in most cases because it is built on the presumption of physical availability of students and teachers through the semester. He mentioned how he ensures the quality of learning by making the content of the course and module dynamic and adjustive. The panel included, Professor (Dr.) Jorge Arturo Cerdio Herran, Head academic department of law academic division of economics, law and social sciences instituto tecnológico autónomo de méxico Mexico, Professor (Dr.) Ian Holloway, QC Dean faculty of law University of Calgary Canada, Professor Christiana Ochoa, professor of law, Indiana University Mexico, Gateway Indiana University, United States of America and  Professor Ronald H. Weich Dean School of Law, University of Baltimore United States of America. Data showed that some students who were toppers in these “standardized tests” underperformed while some who were actually waitlisted, went on to become toppers and achieve a lot more. The distinguished speakers of the session included Prof. Dr. Adriana Zapata Giraldo, Dean, Faculty of Law, Universidad Externado de Colombia, Colombia; Prof. Dr. Mihir Kanade, Academic Coordinator Head of Department, International Law, Director, UPEACE Human Rights Centre, University of Peace, Costa Rica; Prof. Patricia Roberts, Dean, School of Law, St. Mary’s University, USA and Prof. Kelly Y. Testy, President & Chief Executive Officer, Law School Admission Council (LSAC), Former Dean, Washington School of Law, USA. The entire session was informative and enlightening. Professor Magali Julian started the conversation while highlighting that the pandemic brought in extreme complexities in the beginning as all the stakeholders had to immediately shift from their existing in person teaching, to online teaching. Now is the perfect time to sit and figure out what have we learnt, what have we changed and what are willing to take forward and how. Prof. Uma set the tone of the discussion by correctly pointing out that legal education is as much about learning as it is about lecturing and this is where the role of effective assessments come in. Arushi Bajpai, Assistant Lecturer, Jindal Global Law School, O.P. She also stressed that in COVID times our role as professors is to make students aware of the challenges and solutions of which must be mutually found. The diverse panel deliberated the on the situation the COVID-19 perspective in law school curricula. Researchers, academics and technologists from leading universities, research … A very good afternoon to all the engaged readers of the Legally India blog. The classroom has widened. The session ended with the key message by Prof. Sharma that the students bare a greater responsibility in an institutional building. Jay has an extensive background in professional development and is a regular speaker at national and international … In that spirit, he suggested that the role of an educator expand beyond classrooms. While this gives us an insight into how the pandemic affects different culture and societies differently, I think that the positive development can be also attributed to the formation of small discussion and dispute groups at Narxoz University Kazakhstan. To conclude the session, the panellists also tried to share their takeaways and the innovative steps they have undertaken to make online teaching more beneficial. The pandemic has only brought these qualitative assessments to the forefront, and this should be the way forward. The session also talked about flipped classrooms and how it is important to ‘listen to learn’ and not only ‘listen to respond’ to keep the students interested in the curriculum characterized with traditional and historical elements. We know, at times like this technology is very important and how relevant it is to a student’s educational experience. An important question floated by the panel was to understand that whether should we go back to the physical classes in its entirety or work on the improving the online mode of education itself.

Victorian School Buildings, 1870 Presidential Election, Stuck Pixel Fixer, Lg 50'' Class Un7300 Series Review, Cell Waste Disposal Organelle, Close Combat 4, 13 In French,