.five-sixths, PhD students are eligible to defend their dissertation after they have passed their preliminary written and oral exams, as well having received approval of their dissertation proposal and dissertation from their committee members. Students considering an education in mass communication should review the curriculum in both master’s and Ph.D. in mass communication programs to decide which path better suits their academic needs and professional goals. clear: both; The most common career path for Ph.D. students is to pursue tenure-track academic positions at institutions of higher education, both in the United States and abroad. The primary objective of the Ph.D. program is to develop mass communication scholars who are capable of critical thinking and independent scholarship. .btn-orange{background-color:rgb(187,101,14);color:#fff} text-align: center; For me it was an incredibly helpful foot-in-the-door for getting job interviews because other schools already knew I would be well-trained having gone through UNC's program. Ph.D. in Mass Communications The Donald P. Bellisario College of Communications offers advanced study leading to the Doctor of Philosophy degree in mass communications. .ogs-custom-nav ul { .one-sixth { ", Sheetal Patel '11 - Content Lead, Career Management Center, Stanford Graduate School of Business, “The relationships I built with students during my time at Carolina are the lifeblood of my extended academic family. overflow: hidden; .centered {text-align: center;padding-bottom: 40px;} .two-thirds { You will build a solid foundation in the discipline through multifaceted exploration of the theories and methods that influence the shape and scope of mass communication research. web and social media). There were also lots of former Tar Heels on many of the search committees I encountered during my time on the job market. text-transform: none; The program is open both to students with undergraduate majors in journalism and mass communication and to those who have majored in other areas. 7. } Depending on their focus, students may study how media is used and consumed, and/or how audiences process messaging in different environments. .two-thirds { A dissertation and final oral examination is required of all PhD candidates and may be completed during your final semester of coursework (if your dissertation is completed by this point). * { The program offers advanced study and specialization in preparing for careers in teaching and research or for positions of responsibility in mass media, industries, or government. They are also encouraged to build off of their research interests that they have developed in previous graduate work to deepen their understanding of mass communication and its intersection with different issues such as interpersonal relationships, cultural phenomena, political outcomes, and more. Although admission requirements vary, most mass communication programs share common admission elements, including the following: The curriculum in a Ph.D. in mass communication program is divided between required core coursework (which typically includes classes in research methods), specialized coursework, secondary expertise coursework, and a dissertation. } The list below highlights example courses students may encounter while completing a Ph.D. in mass communication. .one-fourth, margin-left: 25%; .three-fifths, The Roy H. Park Fellowships are among the most generous among media and journalism programs nationwide, providing top UNC Hussman doctoral applicants the financial support necessary for the students to focus on their academic and professional development. .four-sixths, .four-fifths, .one-half, science, politics), some programs may accept students with a graduate degree in other fields, such as biology or political science. .two-fourths, the execution and presentation of an acceptable dissertation based on independent research. The Ph.D. program in Communication is designed to provide the student with strong knowledge of communication theory, coupled with very strong research skills. March 15th (Summer admission) Help support the Hubbard School of Journalism & Mass Communication. background: transparent; The M.A. Minimum 12 credits of minor or a supporting program courses are also required as part of the additional 30 course credits. .two-thirds { .one-half, [CDATA[/* >