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Journal of Economic Entomology, 92(1):165-169; 14 ref. 1986 British Crop Protection Conference. Illustrations of British entomology; or, A synopsis of indigenous insects: containing their generic and specific distinctions. 32 (2), 223-229. The geographical spread of resistance to phosphine by coleopterous pests of stored products. Journal of the Kansas Entomological Society, 63(3):385-392. United States Department of Agriculture. Biology Catalog. Modification of fire regime, succession, hydrology, nutrient availability, Competing with other organisms filling the same niche in the food chain (horizontal effect), physical disturbance, Entering the local food web by being a new decomposer (vertical effects), Being a reservoir for parasites or a vector for pathogen or being a parasite/pathogen, Extinction of native species - such a grave effect is rarely seen in our parts of the world (let's hope we se no records here), hybridising with a related species or varieties, may lead to extinction by gene flow or dilution of locally adapted genepool, Entering the local food web by being a new herbivore (vertical effects), Human health effects by being toxic, causing diseases or allergies, Preferably (!) Available online at Vitamin contents of cereal grains as affected by storage and insect infestation. Evaluation of methoprene alone and in combination with diatomaceous earth to control Rhyzopertha dominica (Coleoptera: Bostrichidae) on stored wheat. Grain packaging in airtight structures is one of the most important physical methods controlling R. dominica. Capture of Rhyzopertha dominica (F.) (Col., Bostrichidae) with Dominicalure multifunnel traps and considerations on trapping of non target species: Sitophilus oryzae L., Cryptolestes ferrugineus (Stephens) and Colydium castaneum (Herbst). Journal of Agronomy, 8(2):60-66. Trematerra P; Daolio E, 1990. The Canadian Entomologist, 148(1): 8-21. We suggest you upgrade to a modern browser. by Rechcigl, J. E. \Rechcigl, N. In: Proceedings of the 6th International Conference on Stored-product Protection 2. For instance, at the most rapid rate of heating, grain that reached 60°C required 0.73 min of heat soak for 99.9% mortality and cost a theoretical US$ 2.72/t, while grain that reached 55°C required 23.62 min for the same level of mortality and cost US$ 1.87/t. Nwaubani; SI; Opit GP; Otitodun GO; Adesida MA, 2014. Arthur FH; Yang Y; Wilson LT; Siebenmorgen TJ, 2008. The manipulation of gases (nitrogen (N2), oxygen (O2) and carbon dioxide (CO2) within storage structures has been widely studied for the control of insect infestations. 47 (4), 297-314. Sudesh Jood; Kapoor AC; Ram Singh, 1996. 14:31-35, Suss L; Locatelli DP; Frati M, 1991. The rice kernels with 10.4% moisture content and 93% germination rate were treated with radio frequency heat treatment at 27.12 MHz at 70, 75, 80 and 85 °C for 180 seconds. Predation by the cadelle Tenebroides mauritanicus (L.) (Coleoptera, Ostomidae) on three species of stored-product insects. Watts VM; Dunkel FV, 2003. Ocean surrounding Antarctica and extends to 60 degrees latitude, Not found(primarily intended for phase II where we compare lists), Locally abundant, many individuals in some areas of the country, Few sites where it is found in the country, Plants for production of food for human and animal consumption, incl. Most of the parasitoids that attack the primary beetle pests are in the families Pteromalidae and Bethylidae. and Fields P.G. A juvenile hormone analogue (pyriproxyfen) and chitin synthesis inhibitor (lufenuron) suppressed progeny production 100% when applied at 1 ppm, and the highest values of parental mortality were observed in wheat treated with combination of chitin synthesis inhibitors and juvenile hormone analogues (lufenuron + fenoxycarb). 1573. Insect control with CO. Caliboso M.F., Sayaboc PD. These structures may range from well-sealed barrels holding several kilograms to 100-t capacity metal bins. Journal of Stored Products Research, 52:28-35. Field evaluation of spinosad as a grain protectant for stored wheat in Australia: efficacy against Rhyzopertha dominica (F.) and fate of residues in whole wheat and milling fractions. Anzeiger fur Schadlingskunde Pflanzenschutz Umweltschutz, 51(2):17-20, Reddy YSS; Swamy SVSG, 2006. 14:17-29, Campbell A; Sinha RN, 1976. Tropicultura, 9(2):92-94, Seifelnasr YE, 1991. 86 (2), 239-245. © Christoph Benisch - American Beetles, volume 2: Polyphaga: Scarabaeoidea through Curculionoidea. and Lo K.C. [4] It is predominantly found in forested and grain storage environments. Golob P; Moss C; Dales M; Fidgen A; Evans J; Gudrups I, 1999. Bioefficacy of bifenthrin as a prophylactic against four major stored grain pests. The adults were highly susceptible and a 24-hr exposure at 20°C or 6-hr at temperatures of >30°C were enough to achieve 100% mortality (Locatelli and Daolio, 1993). Journal of Economic Entomology, 83(2):625-628. Australia: Identification and Control [ed. [4] Although most insect prefers foods such as trees and dried fruit, R. dominica seems to be preadapted for feeding on dry grains. Insecticidal effect of three diatomaceous earth formulations against adults of Sitophilus oryzae (Coleoptera: Curculionidae) and Tribolium confusum (Coleoptera: Tenebrionidae) on oat, rye, and triticale. All these practices may be helpful in eliminating or reducing insect pest infestations to a tolerable level (Jayas et al., 1995). Beiriger, Robert L., and Robert W. Sites, 1996: The Bostrichidae (Coleoptera) of Missouri. of ref. Available from Fields PG, 1992. Mostafa S A S, Dabbour A I, Nassif M A, Aziz M I A, 1981. Further details may be available for individual references in the Distribution Table Details section which can be selected by going to Generate Report. El-Nahal AKM; Barakat AA; El-Halafawy MA; Hassan HI, 1984. Investigation on determining flour beetles and their damage in meal factories and mills in south-eastern Anatolia. More information about modern web browsers can be found at In: Biocontrol Science and Technology, 6(3). Both larvae and adult produce frass and cause weight losses by feeding on grains. Spatio-temporal analysis of insect pests infesting a paddy rice storage facility. Pests and DiseasesImageLibrary, Studies on the assessment of losses. The pests and contaminators of stored wheat and flour mills in the Thrace region. Journal of Stored Products Research, 54:23-25. (2017). Pest problems and use of pesticides in grain storage in Indonesia. [4] The pheromones are also responsible for the attraction between male beetles. Insecticidal efficacy of a diatomaceous earth formulation against a mixed age population of adults of Rhyzopertha dominica and Tribolium castaneum as function of different temperature and exposure time. The fungal spore and disease initiation in plants and animals [ed. \Banks, H. J. Reduced adult emergence of the maize weevil, lesser grain borer, and tobacco moth due to thuringiensin. Pest problems and the use of pesticides in grain storage in Thailand. In: Advances in stored product protection. Hill DS, 1990. African Journal of Biotechnology, 7(25):4935-4939., Lo PK, 1986. Jayas DS; White NDG; Muir WE, 1995. The larvae are white to cream coloured, with biting mouthparts and three pairs of legs. In: 1986 British Crop Protection Conference. dominica. Survival and reproduction of lesser grain borer, Limonta, L., & Locatelli, D. P. (2016). [4] They boast an impressive flying capacity as it has been observed to fly over 5 km from an infested location. Anuradha K; Nagalingam S; Raghavaiah G, 1988. Journal of Agricultural Engineering Research. 171-186. and Amoranto M.R. A list of the names of genera and subgenera in zoology from the tenth edition of Linnaeus, 1758 to the end of 2004. 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