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Moreover, it is mated to a continuous variable transmission. These days scooter is the first choice of the ordinary people. Ignoring the weird pricing strategy, Notte 125 is the most affordable Vespa scooter in Nepal. The corporation has decreased the price of kerosene and diesel by…, Electric scooter riders need to carry license and wear helmets, More than two years after making it mandatory for all electric scooters in the country to be registered at the Department of Transport Management, the government is finally taking action…, 2020 Aprilia Bikes Price In Nepal Also read – Honda Bikes Price in Nepal. Fuel Tank: 8 liters, Engine Displacement : 150cc Fuel tank capacity : 8 liters So are you a Vespa rider? It is currently priced at Rs 1,98,888. With engine type of 3-Valve Aluminium Cylinder is is damn filled with power. Max Torque : 10.6 Nm @ 6,000 rpm Vespa Elegante 150 price in Nepal is Rs. So are you a Vespa rider? This 113 cc Sooty gives a mileage of 65 Kmpl. Vespa Notte is the latest Vespa scooter. It comes with a new design, fresh features, and so much more! Fuel Tank: 8 liters Best Bikes in Nepal under 4 Lakhs (2020 Updated), Nissan Car Price in Nepal | Best Sedan, SUV, and 4×4 Vehicles. 2.25 Lakhs). Honda Dio is the most popular scooters in Nepal. When we talk about comfort and style, Vespa is the name that comes to everyone’s mind. 8 Best Aprilia Bikes in Nepal along with Price. Write CSS OR LESS and hit save. Mileage: 40-45kmpl The cost of the scooter is Rs. These days we see the scooter in the street of Nepal more than cars and bikes. New Vespa LX comes with a 125 cc engine that generates a max power of 9.76 bhp @ … E-scooter stalls…, 2020 Royal Enfield Price in Nepal Royal Enfield bikes are well known for their vintage looks and a thumpy engine ride. One platform to view, sell, buy and exchange Cars and motorbikes in Nepal. D-Lifestyles is the only authorized distributor of Vespa scooters in Nepal. There is a different reason for being the scooter more popular than bike and cars. As company describe this Gusto scooter as bike like feature having scooter rider can decide whether it is true or false. Some of the scooters that are popular among the people of Nepal are listed below with their price. In the same way there Are many other scoter that are available in the Nepali market out of which some are very successful in gaining the market share whereas some other couldn’t get the proper market even though they have the best scooter and best feature due to other factors like lack of marketing high-cost price and many more. It is a 56.21% owned subsidiary of the…, Sajha Yatayat started test operation of its new electric buses on Tuesday. The 125 cc-engine motor gives you a pleasant riding experience like no other scooter. If you aren’t big on the color black, then there is Vespa LX 125. Does Vespa entice you? Wego scooter is made by the TVS company. She homes 12-inch alloy wheels, tinted fly screen, and chrome plate guards. It is priced at just Rs. Scooter is popular in Nepal because of the price that is cheaper than that of the other means of vehicles like cars and motorbike. Sooner it will be released in Nepal also. She is the Vespa Elegante 150! © KTM2DAY SINCE 2008 - All Rights Reserved. Similarly, Vespa VXL 150 price in Nepal is Rs. Ncell Announces Pre-booking For Wirefree+ WiFi, Mobile Usage Doubled Worldwide in the Period of Lockdown, School Management Software With Multiple Features Launched. Mileage (City) : 55 kmpl With a price tag of almost Rs. If you’re here just for the price of Vespa scooters available in Nepal, below is the quick table with variants and prices! 2,64,946. Power: 9.5PS @ 7500rpm In the same way, the third popular scooter in the market is TVS Jupiter in Nepal. It is affordable to the people and has better feature. Similarly, Vespa Elegante is the most expensive Vespa in Nepal. Vespa is a popular but costly scooter in our country, Nepal. all of this comes at a modern price. In the same way, other additional features of this scooter are it comes with 110cc, produces 8.2 ps of power at 7500 rpm and many more. Vespa Scooters, the Italian man-made beauty became popular among teens soon after its launch here in Nepal. Although Vespa models are stylish and fashionable, they are too expensive! The SXL 150 gets the same outfit as its sisters, the SXL 125 and SXL Matte 125! Besides the Vespa scooter price in Nepal listing, you can check out our other scooter listings here. However, Yamaha Fascino 125 FI offers a similar experience with a more refined engine at an amazing price! Dugar Brothers & Sons Pvt. The current market price of this scooter is Rs 1,80,900. According to the brand and the feature, the price of the scooter ranges from 1.5 lakhs to 5 lakhs. Well, Mahindra which is very popular bike company couldn’t do better with the scooter but is still in the scooter category due to this scooter. Like its sibling, it is also available in two engine configurations: 125cc and 150cc. The Vespa Notte (a.k.a Vespa Night) is all matte black with zero chrome. Fuel tank capacity : 8 liters Page Transparency See More. Vespa Elegante Scooter Price In Nepal. The word “Vespa” means “Wasp” in the Italian language which was named that due to the sound the engine in the 1940s scooters made. … Maximum Torque: 11.5Nm @ 5500rpm With this scooter, they have added a completely new look and also added the many new features than they have in their old version scooter, which include the external fuel tank, anti-theft immobilizer system, always headlight on, mobile charging socket, and many more. The big sister is badder, faster, and more powerful than its sibling. Vespa is especially among youths both boys and girls. The scooter price in Nepal cost only NPR 182,900 only. MAW Enterprises is well renowned for distributing various top brands of products…, FORTNITE VS APPLE: Now Fortnite is Officially removed from App Store Apple’s app store and Google’s play store have swept off Fortnite from their store after Fortnite denied to pay…, Suzuki Bikes and Scooters Price in Nepal Suzuki Motorcycles are one of the most popular bikes that we see running on roads. D-Lifestyles is the only authorized distributor of Vespa scooters in Nepal. Contact Vespa Nepal Official on Messenger. Additionally, if you are already considering buying a Vespa at this price point, I don’t think I can convince you to do otherwise. Similarly, it is also available in a 150cc, single-cylinder, 3-valve, air-cooled carburetor engine. The gear system is automatic. Vespa LX 125 price in Nepal is Rs. The current market price is Rs 1,90,900. Your email address will not be published. So, it continues its trend of being one of the most sought after Italian scooters in Nepal. Vespa Elegante is available in two color option . These scooters are also from the Honda company. Weight (Kerb) : 114 kgs, Engine Displacement : 248.8cc 2.49 Lakhs) which are also available in bright colors. The engines in Suzuki bikes are refined and…, Yamaha Scooters Price in Nepal Yamaha is a multinational conglomerate and corporation from Japan. 3,75,946 (150cc). You do like to see your lady dressed all in black, don’t you? Max Power : 9.9 bhp @ 7,500 rpm Most, man, women and even the teenagers can ride it as it is easy to operate and light in weight in comparison to other private vehicles, even bikes. It is priced at Rs 3,59,946. 1,92,900/-. Sitemap | Privacy Policy | DCMA Policy | About us | Contact us. 3,73,946. Also Check: Aprilia Scooters Price in Nepal. Top Speed : 90 kmpl Which is the most affordable Vespa scooter in Nepal? It has an engine displacement of 150 cc and gives a mileage of 50kmpl. Vespa scooters price in Nepal remains the same as there is no new entry in 2020. Previously electric scooters were not very popular but recently, people have started using electric scooters especially after frequent fuel shortage. While these models differ in pricing, each Aprilia SR offers a dedicated take a mix of aggressive design, power-packed performance, and excellent build quality. Torque : 10.6 Nm @ 6,000 rpm, Vespa Notte Front Brake: 150mm Disc In addition, you get a two-piece “designer” leather seat! Also, the Vespa SXL 125 and SXL Matte 125 are the same models with color differences! Wheels type is 3 spoke alloy wheels which looks cool and it has a fuel tank which has a capacity of 7 litres. Let us know in the comments, and share your Vespa experience with us! Rear Brake: 140mm Drum Product/Service. The iconic Italian scooter brand Vespa is one of the oldest two-wheeler brands in the world. Maximum Power: 11.4PS @ 7000rpm Aprilia scooters have just started creating a buzz in the market. With the upcoming Vespa BS6 models, the prices will take things to the next level. The price of different ranges of Vespa is listed as: Vespa Vxl 125; The Italian inspired design with those wide tyres is what makes Vespa Vxl 125 stand out. The size of the scooter does not occupy more space and one can easily park scooter anywhere in comparison to the cars and other heavy vehicles. The Price of Vespa LX in Nepal is Rs. The other scooter that conquers the Nepali market is known other than Yamaha ray ZR which was made on the concept of next-generation boys choice.

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