As promised, her a are the more of the photos from Amy & Adam’s E-Session last friday.  We started off down by the Ferry Building and Justin Herman Plaza, but from there we hit  a couple new “secret” spots ;-)  It’s always great to get to know our couples on these shoots, since we never have much time to chat on the wedding day.  I think another reason we love doing these is because without E-Sessions Lisa and I would be pretty much sitting in front of the computer all week long until we have a wedding on Saturday or Sunday.  So, we get a chance to actually go outside and talk to other people for a little while!  It’s really very exciting for us.

Amy & AdamAmy & Adam, Ferry BuildingAmy & Adam, CafeAmy and Adam Ferry BuidlingAmy & Adam, Red ShoesAmy & Adam, Beach TriptychAmy & Adam, Golden Gate Bridge