Wahoo!  The E-Sessions just keep coming!  Kim & Jeff live in the South Bay and have a great fondness for Capitola and Santa Cruz.  I, too, have great fondness for the Santa Cruz area, being a Banana Slug myself.  Don’t know what I mean by being a Banana Slug?  Suffice it to say I went to a certain college with a certain disdain for fraternaties, sororities, letter grades and organized sports. Also the campus is neatly tucked away in the beautful redwoods of California, so the Banana Slug is the perfect mascot.

Anyhoo, we all settled on shooting in the Capitloa Village and some nearby beaches.  While proving to be an almost freezing experience, Kim and Jeff were a total blast to work with.  Loads of charm and personality.  We’re definitely looking forward to their wedding at the lovely Nestledown this fall.

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