Frequently Asked Questions:

Is wedding photography all you do?

Yes!  We have been working full time in wedding photography for about 10 years. It is by far our primary focus. We do offer family photo sessions (mostly to former brides & grooms of ours) and on rare occasion James will do a food / restaurant shoot. Weddings are just what we do.

Can I print my own copies of my wedding photos?

Yes!  Your images are yours and we don’t hold you hostage for prints, albums, canvases, etc…  We do offer all of those products but you can take your high resolution files to any photo lab you prefer and print to your heart’s content. If you do choose to print through us, we will Photoshop your files before printing (so there is a bit of an incentive to order through us).

What is meant by 'high resolution files'?

High resolution files are the digital files of your photos and they are large enough to print very high quality prints.  In general, our files will have a pixel dimension of 5000 x 3333.  By comparison, low resolution files are used for websites, email, and other on screen uses.

You can use your high resolution files for traditional photo printing, canvas wall prints, albums and more.

What is a first look and should we do one?

A first look is a set time and place where a bride and groom see each other for the first time on their wedding day.  It’s usually done an hour or two before the ceremony and is followed by photos of the couple, the wedding party and immediate family.  From a logistics standpoint, its kind of a slam dunk. You take care of the majority of your photos before your ceremony begins so you can enjoy your wedding.  But, the best reasons to do a First Look are the emotional ones.  Intrigued? Read our post on this specific topic: To See or Not to See?

Two photographers or one?

Most weddings will be best served by having two photographers present to capture every fleeting nuance. Having Lisa and I work as a team allows one of us to be with the bride and one to be with the groom before the ceremony. During the ceremony, Lisa tend to use a long focal length lens to capture close up images of faces and gestures, whereas, James is more likely to use wider angle lenses to get more context and narrative.  Later, while James is doing the ‘romantics’ (pictures of the bride and groom by themselves) Lisa can cover cocktails and get those great guest shots.

If your wedding is under 80 guests, you may want to consider having just one photographer.  For smaller, intimate weddings having two photographers around may be distracting for your guests.  When our couples opt for a single photographer, we will work on the timeline to make sure nothing is missed or even rushed.

Single photographer packages are not our ‘normal’ so we create them on a client by client basis. If you’re interested in a price, just ask!

Will there be travel charges for my wedding?

We live in Marin and don’t charge any travel fee for locations in a 75 mile radius. This covers Sonoma, Napa, Livermore/Pleasanton, San Jose, Half Moon Bay…  Beyond that distance we will need to consider whether we need to charge for a night in a hotel, excess mileage, etc…

If your wedding is even further out, our travel charges will be in line with the actual costs of traveling. So, air fare, hotels, rental car… just the basics.

How much Photoshop do you do?

All of the images we deliver are carefully color corrected and given overall enhancements (brightness, contrast, saturation, etc…)  After the photos look great, we go through and pick out the best of the best. Those images will receive extra love a la Photoshop. Blemish removal, fly away hairs, razor scrapes, unfortunate ‘lumps’ or ‘rolls’ can be minimized, light wrinkle removal…  All in all, about 12% – 15% will get this level of retouching.

Also any images used in albums or prints will get the Photoshop love.

When will we see our pictures?

Your images will be online and ready to see within 3 weeks of your wedding.

Have you been to our venue?

Probably ;-)  We’ve been doing weddings full time for 10 years and have been to many venues. We regularly shoot in wineries, vineyards, churches, hotels, restaurants, temples, etc…  We have done Catholic, Jewish, Muslim, Hindu, Zoroastrian, Afghan, Pakistani, Persian, South Indian, Punjabi…. the list of various religious and cultural ceremonies goes on and on.

On the chance we have not been to your specific venue, we have probably been somewhere similar and we will certainly do a site inspection of the property with you.

We are totally awkward in front of a camera! What can we do?

Pretty much everyone we work with feels this way. Unless you are a Kardashian, you are probably not used to having a photographer focusing so intently on you.  So, we have ways to work through this.  When we first start shooting (whether it be an engagement session or on the wedding day), we will give you some clear direction on what to do. I’ll be honest, this phase can be a little stiff, but as we get rolling you will feel more comfortable.  The goal is to dial back the direction and let your own energy and body language come through.  Our demeanor is warm and open and we find that this puts our couples at ease.  Of course, we can step up the direction if things get stale or we just need to mix it up.