There seem to be a few places where Lisa + I shoot frequently and also really love to work. So, I thought I’d make this page of some of our favorite venues.
Let’s start with one place that never fails to make for wonderful weddings and wonderful wedding photos, BR Cohn Winery in Glen Ellen. Recently, BR Cohn opened a new ceremony site, Fox Hill, right in the middle of their vineyards. Everywhere you look are rolling hills covered with vineyards! No where else is quite like it. Top that off with a reception in their olive grove and you have would be hard pressed to find an overall more beautiful winery setting for your wedding. Contact Paula Horasco for information. Click on the photo below to see a slideshow of some shots from BR Cohn.

Next up we have The Flood Mansion in San Francisco. Don’t let their less than stellar web site fool you, this place is top notch. Every time we have been here, the food was outstanding, the decor incredible and the guests were in awe of such a beautiful place for a wedding. Contact Randy Sargeant for information on weddings at the Flood. Here’s a photo from a wedding not too long ago, click on the picture to see a slideshow with more from the Flood Mansion.

More venues to follow soon!