Time to wrap up our Ten Questions to Ask Your Photographer series.  Click HERE to see the previous posts:

7 Do they offer both photo albums and proof books?  Why yes we do!  All of our packages include a hard bound proof book with six images printed on a letter sized page.  The proof book is a great companion to your disc of images and is (in my estimation anyway) a nicer way to go through your images than by looking at them all online.  As far as albums go, we do offer a variety of awesome albums and about 90% of our clients get an album included in their package.  That leaves about 10% of our clients with what are known as ‘Shoot and Burn’ packages.  Click here to learn more about ‘Shoot & Burn’.

8 Are high-resolution images (also known as “digital negatives”) included in the contracted coverage?  For several years now all of our clients have received a disc of high resolution image files. These are the exact same files we would use to produce your albums, canvases, prints, etc…  They are all color corrected and contrast adjusted, some are black and white, some have even been lightly retouched in photoshop.  The images are delivered as JPEGS.

9 What are their travel fees, if applicable?  Travel fees will apply to any wedding outside of wine country, the SF Bay Area or along the penninsula.  When travel fees are required, they are added as a separate line to your package.  The travel fees will include airfare, hotel, car rental, etc… as a lump sum and no other fees will be required unless your needs change (change dates, need another day of coverage, change venues…)  Our travel fees are generally quite modest and we don’t mark them up.  So if you like what we do but are not in the San Francisco area, you may still want to inquire about our services.  The cost of a couple plane tickets and nights in a hotel are pretty insignificant compared to the cost of your whole wedding.

10 What is the cost for exceeding the contracted time period?  Generally, overtime is billed at $400 an hour and can be billed in half hour increments.

Wow!  I don’t think I’ve ever done such wordy posts before.

I hope this series helps educate anyone who is getting started planning their wedding.  Feel free to ask any questions I didn’t answer by leaving a coomment :-)