I could go on and on explaining why most brides and grooms should hire a wedding coordinator.  Instead, I will let the following list of questions do the explaining:

  • Where do you want the extra programs to go?
  • Who has the bubble blowers?
  • When is the shuttle coming?
  • Why is the shuttle not here yet?
  • Does anyone know how to tie a bow tie?
  • I’m surprised the DJ hasn’t set up yet… Do you think he is coming?
  • It’s going to rain, what do we do now?
  • Where do we need to be right now?
  • Are we ready to do toasts?
  • Our photographer is SO wonderful! To whom can I rave?
  • How do you bustle this dress?

the questions go on and on and on… A good coordinator will have the answers and will keep you from even being asked any of them.