Why you should do a first sightThis debate has been going of for quite a while and we get a lot of questions about it.  Should my fiance and I see each other before the ceremony?  The answer is, of course, a personal decision, but I’d like to give my pitch about why you should seriously consider doing a ‘First Sight’.

Most of our couples tend to see this decision as a purely practical one.  “If we see each other before the ceremony, we can get a lot of the photos out of the way and be able to enjoy our cocktail hour”.  That’s definitely true, you will be able to significantly reduce the time spent doing posed photos following your ceremony and that’s a good thing no doubt.  There are other practical reasons, too.

  • Your hair & make up will be looking fabulous!
  • You can schedule more time for photos with your love and not feel so rushed or pressured to wrap up.
  • Depending on when and where you are getting married, the light may be better or give you more flexibility earlier in the day.
  • Your closest family and friends will have to be ready to go early and will not make your ceremony run late by being late

Those are all great practical reasons to do a ‘First Sight’, but let’s talk about some of the more emotional reasons,:

  • Wanna see your man cry at the sight of your beauty? This is the best chance.  Many guys will clamp down on their emotions when standing in front of 50-300 guests. So when you walk down the aisle he may be feeling it, but may not show it.  A ‘First Sight’ is private, just you two (and your photographer) and you and your fiance can freely express yourselves to each other.
  • Your fiance is your best friend, your love and your confidant, so you should experience your whole wedding together.  Share the experience!

How does the first sight thing work?  We will set up a time and a beautiful spot for you and your fiance to meet.  Usually we will have the groom positioned and waiting for you (dressed up in his wedding best) and we will have the bride come to the groom.  He sees you come around the corner, across the vineyard, or you tap him on the shoulder… tears follow.  We photographers hang back with long lenses to get all the awesome photos without being right in your face.  Then we will usually keep working with our couple for 30-45 minutes, then we will do family, wedding party, etc…  We will wrap up the photos about 45 minutes before your ceremony.

So, that’s my pitch.  Let me know your thoughts!