Phewwww! What a month we’re in! It seems like we’ve been shooting weddings, engagements, portraits… every day for 5 or 6 weeks straight, and, in fact, we practically have been.  So, to get started on playing some catch up we begin with Anita + Justin’s wedding.  After a bright and early start for the getting ready shots and then some door games, our first location for photos was the cool and foggy Legion of Honor.  Anita + Justin did an engagement session with me a while ago, so we were able to jump right in and start getting some great shots.  Their ceremony was at the Shakespeare Garden in Golden Gate Park and the sky cleared up beautifully around 3 for the wedding.  Next we were off to the Empress of China in Chinatown for the banquet.  The Lion Dancers are always a highlight for Lisa and I (in fact, if we were to redo our wedding, we always said we’d have lion dancers) and this crew of dancers really delivered.  There were almost 400 guests!!! at the wedding (I don’t think we could get 400 people in a room if we tried!) and all had a great time.