Another gem from 2012. Carrie & Carter chose to be wed at the beautiful Vine Hill House in Sebastopol, California.  Fall was just setting in, but we were treated to a warm lovely day.  Enjoy!

01_VineHillHouse 02_VineHillHouse 03_VineHillHouse 04_VineHillHouse 05_VineHillHouse  08_VineHillHouse 09_VineHillHouse 10_VineHillHouse 11_VineHillHouse 12_VineHillHouse 13_VineHillHouse 14_VineHillHouse 15_VineHillHouse 16_VineHillHouse 17_VineHillHouse 18_VineHillHouse 19_VineHillHouse 21_VineHillHouse 23_VineHillHouse


Venue:  Vine Hill House

Makeup:  DeeAnna (It’s a Date) 

Flowers:  Vanda Floral

Catering:  Elaine Bell

Cupcakes:  Sift