Continuing with my “catch up posts”, here are some shots from Joelle + Zack’s wedding in October at King’s Beach on Lake Tahoe’s north shore. From the look of it, you would never guess that less than 24 hours before the wedding 2 inches of snow fell on the beach. Miraculously by Saturday morning all the snow had melted and we had a beautiful, warm fall day. You may notice some of Lisa’s handiwork with the shoes in the wreath. She’s been finding fun stuff to do with shoes lately and I’m sure more examples will come soon.






In case you are wondering about how I got this last shot, I did just what it looks like. I walked out into that icy cold water of Lake Tahoe. My feet were a bit blue when I came back to shore, but the shots were worth it.

Joelle + Zack are the owners of the delicious and very cool restaurant Havana in Walnut Creek and they are opening their new Alameda restaurant in a matter of days. If you love ceviche like I love ceviche, you have to have to give Havana a try. Take a look at their site to see some of the photographic stylings of yours truly.