Remember Lucy & Baldwin’s awesome engagement session?  You don’t?  What do you mean you haven’t been following us faithfully for months?  Are you trying to make me cry?
Well, in case you don’t recall their awesome session, here’s the link to check it out, Lucy & Baldwin’s Engagement Session We just shot Lucy & Baldwin’s wonderful wedding.  These two are so great to photograph!  They have such chemistry and they are so willing to spend some time getting great pictures (cuz sometimes great pictures take time).  We  started off with a ‘first sight’ between our to-be-weds on the lawn at the Berkeley Marina.  From there we went to the Berkeley Botanical Gardens which was great since it looks like we went all over the place, from the jungle to the desert, while actually only walking short distances.  Then it was back to the Marina to board the Hornblower Sunset for the wedding and reception.  Ceremony music was provided by undoubtedly the cutest string trio I’ve seen.  After the whispered vows, rings and a sweet kiss, it was time to party on the bay!

Please enjoy the photos below : )

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