Wedding Season is in full swing and it feels great to be shooting so much!  With one or two weddings a week, we have lots of gorgeous photos to begin sharing. So, let’s start sharing!  Nikki & Swarup were married in an intimate setting about two weeks ago on a lovely spring day in San Mateo.  We shoot 4-6 indian weddings a year and always love the opportunity to do so.  The details, the ceremonies, the fabrics…  always so gorgeous.  Enjoy!01_HinduWedding 02_HinduWedding 04_HinduWedding 05_HinduWedding 06_HinduWedding 07_HinduWedding 08_HinduWedding 09_HinduWedding 10_HinduWedding 11_HinduWedding 12_HinduWedding 13_HinduWedding 14_HinduWedding 15_HinduWedding 16_HinduWedding 17_HinduWedding