Jennifer Graham

We at Elle Jae are super happy to officially announce our new Associate Photographer, Jennifer Graham!

Many of our clients from the past several years have had the opportunity to meet Jenn as she shot weddings with both Lisa and James.  In addition to doing a wonderful job with Elle Jae, she has shot tons of weddings on her own on both coasts.

Curious about what is meant by an “Associate Photographer”?  Well, an AP is a photographer who has all the skill, experience, gear, etc… as do Lisa and I.  Jennifer will be booked as a main photographer in the same way Lisa or James are. She will meet with prospective clients, shoot the engagement sessions and shoot her weddings with a second shooter. So what doesn’t she do?  She doesn’t work in the office or worry about administrative tasks.  In other words, she gets all the good stuff related to being a wedding photographer without the downside of the mundane office work.

Be sure to head on over to Elle Jae and take a look at Jennifer’s portfolio on our portfolio page.

Welcome Jennifer!