Vidya + VIp had their festive Hindu wedding at Palmdale Estates in Fremont.  The grounds there are lovely and serene even when it’s roasting hot out.  Indian weddings are always so fun!  Partly because we usually get to connect with our clients and their family for more than one day, so there is a great opportunity to build rapport.  Also, since these weddings are often long days, there is none of that “rush to get things done” feeling that can occur when we only have 7 or 8 hours for a wedding.

After the Palmdale Estates, we hit a couple spots in downtown San Francisco for some shots of Vidya + Vip in different outfits. Then it was off to Terra SF, a newish art space.  Dusty at Terra did a  great job with decorating and lighting.  I’m glad Vidya was thinking outside the box when it came to reception locations since the space was perfectly suited for her wedding.