If you want great photos and a wonderful experience;

choose Elle Jae.

If you want great photos and a wonderful experience; choose Elle Jae.

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We Believe In…Your Natural Beauty

Yes, we mean inside and out. We capture the real beauty of who you are in the moment, soft, silly, sexy or soulful and when it is time for you and your love to be supermodels we make it fun and we guide you into beautiful moments that reflect your uniqueness; full of grace, full of humor, full of excitement – perhaps full of anxiety, but we can photoshop that out. 

It’s not a just photo shoot to us.

By making sure you have a great experience of your wedding, we will get the best pictures possible. Your wedding is not just a photo shoot to us. It is:

  • a turning point in your life
  • a sea change for your parents
  • a chance for friends and family to celebrate you
  • an opportunity to capture images that will live with you for the rest of your life

We Tell…Your True Story

One of our greatest skills is our intuition. By staying focused and aware, we can anticipate moments and capture the relationships between you and your loved ones as you prepare for and experience your day – we never stop shooting. Your story is about you, not the couple from last week, nor the one that got us a cover of a magazine. When we chat we can share some of these special stories that stay with us, year after year.

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