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Bass Weight Calculator, Trip Details: Not bragging, just stating a fact! During the afternoon, switch from a jig and minnow to a slip sinker and straight hook. There are many types of lures and baits that will catch spring walleye, on Lake of the Woods, Lac Seul, or for that matter, just about any lake in Northwestern Ontario, but one of the very best tried and true methods is the jig and minnow combo! Walleye can be had whatever the season or day’s weather and those going for Northern will find plenty of action. That virtually guarantees a high survival rate! Hang on to the tail, to keep the fish upright, until it regains its balance and is ready to swim. Tie a swivel on after sliding a 1/2 oz sinker up the line, add 20 inches of monofilament, and tie the straight hook right to the line. In 20 feet or deeper areas where most walleyes are found, you'll see a better view of fish. Remember, the walleye are hunting their prey and the prey is on the move most of the time. Walleye Photos Walleye Weight Calculator Also, many depth finders will only show a flat line when indicating walleye and may only show that classic arch or hump when it's a bigger fish, such as a large northern pike. Besides the spectacular walleye fishing, and some of the best bass fishing, since early June, some of the largest muskies have landed during the fall fishing season. Return the fish to the water as fast as possible. Many times, these are the reefs that produce one of those 100+ fish days that Lac Seul is so famous for. Anyone who has dropped a line here in May will tell you that, compared to any Ontario lake, the spring walleye fishing on Lac Seul is the best anywhere! Great Ways to Cook Walleye But what made this such a great day was the fact that but one smaller bass , all were between 18 and 21,5 inches (6+ Ibs) That makes for one heck of a good day . Because they hold feeding walleye. So back-troll into the wind using an 'in and out of gear' action with the shifter to slow down the speed. Muskie & Pike Weight Calculator Most folks know that the spring walleye are in (and below) waterfalls and in the faster-moving water between islands. This is the perfect structured reef! Northern Pike Fishing Tips Each year the lake level falls, during the long winter months, exposing walleye spawning beds that are cleansed and refreshed by the freezing temperatures. Spend some time on the 'edge'! Cool mornings and warm afternoons make for some of the season's best, and most beautiful, fishing days. Isolated pockets of Walleyes in small lakes as well as Walleyes in the various streams and rivers came together creating a fresh and diverse gene pool, which enabled the Walleyes to be stronger, bigger and proliferate in massive numbers. While back-trolling into the wind, slowly work your way out past the point to the very end, and then go a little further to see if the rocks jut back up. Rice adds that the fly fishing on Lac Seul is terrific. Joel Norikane. A good example is the S-18 Rappala. The most active fall walleye are in 25 foot reef areas. After a few days of catching tons of Walleyes, many of our guests settle down and start fishing a little deeper for the big trophy Walleyes. Copyright 2020 - Lost Island Lodge. In 1929 the Ear Falls Dam was constructed and the area was flooded forming what we call Lac Seul today. Put a small chunk of rubber band over the hook and then hook the minnow. How to Fillet Walleye Usually the more line let out, and the faster you're moving, the deeper your bait will go. You may not catch 50 to 100 fish at the 'edge', but you may just catch that walleye trophy of a lifetime! With a lake, the size of Lac Seul, it makes it much easier to find you, or bring more minnows! Large numbers of walleye will congregate, and hold on to these hot spots, for the next couple of months, day after day, making this some of the best fishing of the year. The water may only be 30-100 feet deep, but no worries, these trophies are only down about 15 to 20 feet below the surface, digesting their meal and slowly circling the reef. Map of Lac Seul Now that we've covered spring, summer, and fall fishing for walleye, northern pike, musky, and bass, remember these tips and tactics when fishing other large bodies of water like: Rainy Lake, Lac Seul, Lake of the Woods, or any of the thousands of smaller lakes in Northwestern Ontario. Always tell someone where you are going before leaving the dock! It's true with big walleye, big pike and even big bass! Tighten up the line until you feel the fish, then set the hook hard, and get the net ready! Spring walleye fishing on Lac Seul is very rewarding. The reefs (and Lac Seul has many) are the hot spots! If you only have a landing net, don't let these fish roll in the netting; keep the net in the water until they stop their flopping around. Winter:Lost Island LodgeRural Route 2Emo, Ontario, Canada, POW 1E0Phone: (807) 482-3001, Summer:Lost Island LodgeP.O. Fishing Trip Preparation To this day Lac Seul is still the best Walleye fishing lake in the world when considering size, numbers, fighting strength and taste. Muskie Fishing Tips Facilities Family & Kid's Activities, Fishing Tactics & Best Lures: You should get excited… Fall means great walleye fishing as well as large bass and hungry pike. They go home to enjoy their meal of fresh walleye. How to Fillet Walleye Fishing off the dock video below: Imagine what the hot spots out on the lake are like! Not only is this a great set-up, but it's an ethical one, too. Once the fish fights back and tries to swim, it's time to let go! The hook will slide to the outside of the jaw, away from those sharp teeth, allowing you to land the pike without a leader. A drop-off can be found in the middle of a bay or just feet from the shoreline. It's not very high-tech, but it works. Big fall minnows like to thrash around and pull off of the hook! On Lac Seul, we're blessed with great walleye fishing. In shallow water, use this tool for depth only. Everyone wants to catch their very own trophy walleye or trophy northern pike and we have some tips, about fishing large fish, that may help! Isn't life grand? Fish, no deeper than 32 feet, and bring them up very slowly so they can expel air and live. Camp & Guest Photos, Photos & Videos: Walleye Fishing Tips Great Ways to Cook Walleye Boat control is extremely important (ask any guide). In fall, an old saying is so very true, "big bait, big fish". Big walleye and bass won't care at all! Walleye Weight Calculator. As Lac Seul's waters rise higher, in early spring, new forage areas emerge for bait fish and game fish alike. It's a good idea to mark the end of any arm, and then scout the deeper waters looking for new reefs. Woohoo WTG Joel! With the bigger baits, you need not worry about fish swallowing it as much. When you feel a heavy 'thump' bite, it's most likely a big northern. Why? Always carry crazy glue in your tackle box! “You can fly fish for anything, anywhere on Lac Seul,” she says, “and it’s probably best early in the year when the fish haven’t begun to go deep.” There are also bass in Lac Seul, mostly in the southeast. Not bragging, just stating a fact! My advice? This is a great time to spend a week fishing on Lac Seul.

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