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we already know that juggernaut is the perfect example of this. VS Battles Wiki is a FANDOM Anime Community. Wally or Runner would tie for all. Of course, We have the food factor! similar to stamina, if not the same, but i consider stamina more like a "life bar" lol. Then Goku and in last, Quicksilver. that means his muscles are the best of them. He doenst need to eat, to breath, he doesnt age. Why is Sakura not planetary? But that shouldn't count though because he turned himself into energy rather than using the kinetic movements of running. Everyone dies, If we are going off anytime including GT then I would assume Goku at these times is moving 6000000 times the sleep of light lets stick to regular DBZ I say. The Runner is a 5 billion years old cosmic being. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. The purpose of this wiki is to index the statistics of characters from a wide variety of different fictional franchises. In second, comes Flash, of course, easily. Introduction (*Insert: Wiz & Boomstick - Yates *) Dragon Ball vs DC Comics collide against each other once again when these two literal anti-heroes collide against each other! 1. So for now. Description. And Runner will still smoothly go on across the universe. let's say that there is an unlimited track with no end. Goku loses to wally west, Flash has speed stealing, speed force dumping, hundreds of IMP before Goku can even think. Goku could Instant Transmission Walk so his walking could be faster than the runners and he won't catch fatigue. anyway time for the main topic. Only in this case, Quicksilver would be number 3. Goku vs The Flash # Goku This just shows how overrated the Flash is in vs matches he isn't even faster than Goku heck Goku's probably faster because he has immeasurable speed while Barry only has MFTL and maybe infinite speed. mods need to fix. The Runner will be the last one to stop for a break. Wally West 3. the dude was fighting and doing stunts in 100X the normal gravity. Quicksilver is not even faster than light... An organism prepared to beat light should be naturally more endured. Runner 2. Flash vs SSJ 4 Goku: 3-100003. Disagree DB fans. I love all these ignorant DBZ fans firing up in here making false claims and assuming things about the Flash. it doesn't get better than this. Quicksilver 4. 1.Runner I am not sure if he can get tired at all. ok, well some people confuse endurance with durability and vice versa (trust me, i've seen it). Well except for that time when he used a light source to travel faster than light across the galaxy. Goku Black vs Reverse-Flash is a what-if? Assuming that power and speed are relative, as evidenced throughout the series, the speed base Goku can travel is roughly around 2,231.1 MPH. Even if these three could live without food and air, they will eventually age and die with the time. This is far better fight than Flash vs Goku. Goku 4. Quicksilver 4. Made Silver Surfer his b!tch who is faster than Wally)Flash (dwarves Goku and Quicksilver in runnng speed)Goku (goku does NOT need IT to be fast, he once went from one side of planet namek to the other in a single bound without IT or Flight)Quicksilver (only supersonic)  Endurance Runner (obvious) Wally (i think) Goku (might be a toss up but goku has actually shown high tier endurance feats over anything Quicksliver has) Quicksilver (presumed. I wanna get in to Tokyo ghoul but i hear it falls off so what was better? Goku ftw I would type an explanation, but I don't feel like typing, and putting in I'll just leave it as Goku ftw. To this guy, my friends, Flash, Quicksilver and Goku and their entire lives are just an instant. Obviously MUI Goku. How fast would black clover characters be without Light magic being taken into account. © 2020 GAMESPOT, A RED VENTURES COMPANY. Quick Silver doesn't seem to get tired too, but I'm not to sure. so let me explain in a nut shell. Goku (narrowly)  Fight. Death Battle, starring villains Goku Black/Zamasu of Dragon Ball and Reverse-Flash from DC Comics. I think that the Runner never gets tired of running so he wins automatically. Raditz Nappa and Vegeta (Saiyan Saga) vs Zeref Dragneel (Dragon Ball vs Fairy Tail). Wally West 3. So the question is who can run/fly longest at his top speed without getting to tired to run? This match would take some time, so he could give up the contest to eat Chi-Chis food. Thats a challenge to see wich of them will keep moving in the end without getting tired. durability basically means the resistance of breaking or tearing, puncturing or bruising and whatnot. Wally West 3. 2.Flash 3.Quicksilver 4.Goku  What most people don't understand is that speed of DBZ characters isn't the same as the speed of marvel or DC characters. The Flash is hard because he normally uses his speed to get to short distances. Runner  2. Flash wins. but endurance is like a time limit of how long you can strain your body's muscle tension without giving in. physically no where near the caliber of the other 3)  Fight Runner (sheer speed is too great)Goku (no match for Wally in speed but everything else is superior, has tanked attacks greater than infinite mass punch)Flash ( no match for Runner, could hurt Goku, wouldn't even notice Quicksilver)Quicksilver  (utterly outclassed by all three of these guys), runner win don't know of him ever been tired flash comes in 2nd barry allen i will use him he has been running from black racer from who knows how long  goku an quicksilver can battle it out for last, Fine then Goku resorts to self destruct like Vegeta game over. Goku can steal increase his speed. The Elder Scrolls metaphysics & philosophy, (Could goku solo the big 3 at their prime) At their prime=Luffy in wano Naruto manga ichigo manga, Who would win gon or deku max power I’ll revert who stronger tomorrow and just for fun, Zeref and Natsu vs Naruto and Sasuke (Stats reversed, Rick vs Batman ( both with knowledge about the other and Speed Equal ), KCM2 Naruto vs One Piece Verse (Naruto can hit Logia users), Narutoandsasuke vs Blackbeard,Big mom and Kaido (Team death match who wins)couldn’t find Blackbeard, Who would win? He walks through the whole universe like we walk in our gardens. Goku is always hungry! Flash vs SSJ Goku: 3-1 (draw) Flash vs SSJ2 Goku: 3-2. Goku’s punches and fighting blows easily are faster than light as depicted in the manga and series.

Fight For Survival Poe, Country Boy Names That Start With B, The Whole Foot Book Pdf, Oppo A72 Price In Sri Lanka, Is Townsend Harris A Good School, Half Bezel Setting, Biscuit Portishead Sample,