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Millions stayed inside across Pakistan following 24 March. Notes (Solutions), MCQs/Objective write questions, demonstrate papers and old/past papers (of FBISE and BISE) of Happy New Year is celebrated in all over the world. You can easily download Chapter 1 Basic Concepts notes or view them online. People from all over the world celebrate it for the hopes that New Year will bring prosperity and happiness in our lives. (a) a molecule (b) an atom  (c) an ion (d) an electron QUESTION NO.2 Swedish chemist J. Berzelius figured out the (a) atomic no. (c) Even mass no. He was considered as a solely leader of Pakistan who played a vital role in the creation of Pakistan. It is celebrated on 25th December every year. Welcome to Note's Zone! Click to see Islamiat (Compulsory) Notes online. If you want to be a part of this noble cause, you can contact us at, EducatedZone has been working for the help of students since 2017. Disclaimer: This is website contains study material and other helping material for Pakistani students. In some countries celebrations are organized early where sun rises early like Australia. Get Updated MCQs of Chemistry Chapter No#1 For Students of FSc Part-1.Here you can find FSc Part-1 Latest Multiple Choice Questions. 300+ PPSC Jobs in Latest Advertisement No.34 /2020, UOS Roll No Slips Download for MA/MSc Examination. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. The main motivation behind this page is to encourage understudies (particularly Pakistani understudies) to learn Chemistry. (b) atomic volume  (c) atomic mass (d) atomic density, QUESTION NO.3 The number of atoms present in a molecule figure out its  (a) molecularity (b) basicity  (c) how much acid something has (d) atomicity  QUESTION NO.4 When an electron is added to a uni positive ion we get (a) negatively-charged ion (b) cation  (c) neutral atom (d) molecule, QUESTION NO.5 CO+ is an example of:  (a) body-damaging chemical (b) cationic molecular ion  (c) an ionic molecular ion  (d) stable molecule  QUESTION NO.6 Relative atomic mass is the mass of an atom of an element as compared to the mass of (a) oxygen (b) hydrogen  (c) nitrogen (d) carbon, QUESTION NO.7 Isotopes are the sister atoms of the same element with almost the same chemical properties and different (a) atomic number (b) atomic mass  (c) atomic volume (d) atomic structure  QUESTION NO.8 The sensitive measuring device which is used to measure the exact masses of different isotopes of an element called (a) I.R. provides you the exams practice test Exams are going to be held in March or April in this year and date sheet 9th class 2019 will be announced in the month of February 2019. Latest Solved MCQs For Chemistry Part-1. (a) 2.2414 dm3 (b) 22.414 dm3  (c) 22414 dm3 (d) 224014 dm3  QUESTION NO.14 The no. QUESTION NO.11 Percentage of oxygen in H2O is  (a) 80% (b) 88.8%  (c) 8.8% (d) 9.8%  QUESTION NO.12 More plentiful isotope of an element is one with(a) even atomic no. of molecules present in 30 gm of (a) N2O (b) NO  (c) NO2 (d) N2O3, QUESTION NO.18 Which of the following has highest percentage of nitrogen (a) (NH4)2SO4 (b) NH4H2PO4  (c) (NH4)2HPO4 (d) (NH4)3PO4  QUESTION NO.19: 0.1 mole of Na3PO4 completely separates in water to produce Na+  (a) 6.02 x 1022 (b) 6.02 x 1023  (c) 1.806 x 1023 (d) 1.806 x 1022, QUESTION NO.20 wasting very little while working or producing something of chemical reaction can be checked by calculating (a) amount of limiting reactant  (b) amount of the reactant in excess  (c) amount of the product formed  (d) amount of the reactant unused, QUESTION NO.21 A limiting reactant is one (a) which is present in least amount (b) which produces minimum no. The lockdown situation created in Pakistan by the ordered of Pakistan government, which is battling to hold the fast-rising figure of coronavirus crises in the South Asian nuclear state. of covalent forces that glue or join things together present in 10gm of water are  (a) 6.074 x 1023 (b) 6.74 x 1023  (c) 6.074 x 1024 (d) 6.74 x 1024  QUESTION NO.17 The least no. Important Short and Long Question for intermediate Physics part-1 and Part-2. Qasim Tariq 13-02-2020 Notes. Quaid-e-Azam knew this fact and he struggled for the freedom of muslims of India. Chemistry MCQs for FSc Part-1 Chapter-1. Your email address will not be published. Chemistry MCQs for FSc Part-1 Chapter-1. X. Our only purpose is to educate everyone for free. To watch online these notes, there must be a pdf viewer installed on your device. That’s why we have uploaded the best quality notes of 11th class Chemistry. For more deatils, visit the following pages. As different persons are notes provider so there may be a chance of mistake in some notes. FSc 1st Year Chemistry Chapter 8 MCQs Notes, 1st Year Chemistry Chapter 5 Solved Numerical & Exercise, FSc 1st Year Chemistry Chapter 11 Solved Exercise, 1st Year Chemistry Chapter 1 Solved Numerical & Exercise. (b) odd atomic no. Best and comprehensive chemistry notes for FSc part 1 students. Chapter 1 chemistry FSc Part 1 Notes - Inter Part 1 Notes Intermediate Part 1 students can get chemistry notes of Chapter 1 online here. © 2020 TaleemCity  |  All Rights Reserved. Welcome to Note's Zone! Students from both groups find this subject the most difficult but you will find this subject the easiest after watching video lectures delivered by Mr Khurram Shehazad. to continue to Enter your ... Chemistry Chapter no 1 Exercise. Chemistry 1st Year All Chapter Notes | Chemistry FSc Part 1 “Class 11 Chemistry Notes” Chemistry-XI (Punjab Text Book Board, Lahore) These Chemistry-XI FSc Part 1 (1st year) Notes are according to “Punjab Text Book Board, Lahore”. QUESTION NO.13 When 0.01 kg of CaCO3 is rotten the CO2 produced occupies a total space occupied by something at S.T.P. All the material distributed/posted on. We want to bring an educational revolution. We know you are looking for 1st year chemistry notes of Chapter 1 Basic Concepts in PDF to download. This page contains old papers, demonstrate papers, notes and E-Books Of Chemistry, According To Punjab Text Book Board Lahore. If you are in search of Notes (Solutions) of Chemistry Class XI (Chemistry FSc Part 1 Helping Notes) then you are at right place.

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