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Best Funny Happy Birthday Wishes Happy, happy in your day, old friend , you become, I hope that age does not take its toll on you and that you fulfill many more. No..right? I wish you long life, and I’m certain you love that desire. Happy birthday. Stay blessed! I wish you good luck in your life. Ways To Wish Your Crush Happy Birthday - Cheesy Alert! There are many friends who become your good or the best friends. Happy birthday, BFF! Happy Birthday!”, “I know this is a few hours faster but I want to say happy birthday to you in advance, in case I’m sleeping at midnight. I wish you only the best, lots of love, health and that every one of your dreams may come true. Top rated Funny Birthday Wishes for Best Friend for Facebook and WhatsApp. So glad for your day. I mean, you really are a one of a... We’re lucky to have each other. May you enjoy your best friend’s birthday as if it is yours! When I stumbled upon you, my “stumbling through the dark” days were over — all because you cared enough to light the way to a wonderful friendship. A life without a friend will be very boring. Funny Birthday Wishes For A Friend I have been 364 days since your last birthday thinking about what gift to give you, but every day I thought about it I stopped doing it since I remembered that I have been waiting for your gift since I was years old, so I hope to be happy that … 21. Wish I can write something cool for your birthday but you know I’m Chrissy Teigen so it’s kinda impossible for me. Tomorrow and forever, you will be a queen because you have earned it with all that you do to make this a better place for everyone. Happy birthday, BFF! Best friends make sure friends like you have the best birthday ever. Hope you’re not as irritating as you are this year. Best friends since childhood and I am certain into old age, we will be celebrating together for years to come. But does it matter, as long as you are having fun and enjoying? Getting older is never easy for a woman. So here I am for you. I wish you the best of birthdays. Our main goal is to provide the best quality articles about the birthday. They said time recuperates all scars. Bonnie and Clyde. Happy birthday my best friend, thank you for being the best fart in my life.”, “Hey, happy birthday! Rent an R-rated movie, eat Chocolates and popcorn and stay up late until eight.”. As for me, I have been to many birthday parties where no matter what era the birthday boy or girl. Had you not, my would’ve been much more normal and I can’t imagine how boring would it be.”, “What a terrible day today is. You show kindness and compassion even under strange circumstances. Can’t wait to share another embarrassing moment with you! I hope you liked my article Funny Birthday Wishes for Best Friend male and female. I mean, who would be happy to find themselves getting old?”, “Okay, you know I’m not the kind to give surprises so you better not hoping for it. Happy birthday, friend. Friends are the lifeline of our daily life. Also check more Funny wishes, images and quotes on my website. I love you my ff. “Happy birthday, my best! For a best friend, normal birthday wishes won’t do. Happy birthday, girl! You acts so childish all the time I think you won’t suit your age.”, “Wishing a happy, happy birthday for my best. But as a good friend I’ll wish you a happy birthday with all my heart.”, “Today’s your birthday and I would totally understand if you call it the worst day of the year. It is the best time to act as a child once more. There’s no better friend than you, girl. It’s a beautiful thought thinking of how long we have known each other. Going to pick you up soon to celebrate the big day. May your body develop so old that individuals botch you for a bit of wood. They say you are who you surround yourself with and I guess that makes me an incredibly intelligent beautiful human being because that’s what you are my best friend. Funny Birthday Wishes for Best Friend Female You remind me of someone fabulous. Happy birthday, dear friend! Sonny and Cher. Happy birthday to my unique best friend! Upbeat birthday, dear companion. It’s one of those impossible dream y’know.”, “It’s your birthday! Dear Friend, on your birthday, I am most grateful that you know all of my faults but you withhold your judgment. Welcome! Through expressions on a greeting card, through poems or over the telephone. I’d like to appreciate myself for being able to keep up with your antics, which getting worse every year.”, “Happy birthday badass! Life has been so smooth and comfortable ever since you came into my life! I may not be with you on this special day, but know that you mean more to me than anything in this world. May you get one additional year added to your life for each pound you gain. ... Birthday Wishes for Best friend female. On your uncommon day, may you be honored with the issues of the rich –, for example, where to stop your yacht. Best Friend Birthday Wishes – Funny Birthday Wishes for Best Friend. Okay, so when will the party take place. Okay, birthday is not birthday without wishes. Bonnie and Clyde. I cannot find the perfect words to express how much I appreciate being in your life. Inspiring Birthday Wishes for your Best Friend. Mate, despite the fact that you were brought into the world with no excellent ability, attractive expertise or remarkable knowledge, regardless I accept that life has only the best coming up for you. Funny Birthday Wishes for your Best Friend. A companion in need is a companion in deed; I’m needing your vehicle, to have it as mine, would you be able to offer it to me as a sign of being a companion for sure? But since Santa Claus isn’t real, you better not hoping for present!”. Ernie and Bert. Upbeat birthday to my dazzling companion. Considering the wrinkles on your face, turns out you’re still young! Lucy and Ethel. It’s an honor and privilege to be your best friend.

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