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The Christmas Chronicles: Part Two (Netflix, premieres 11/25): If you liked the original, which cast Kurt Russell as Santa Claus, perhaps you'd like to revisit this actual supernatural forces movie in which Santa is joined by Goldie Hawn in helping save Christmas once again, with the help of the same siblings who made such trouble last time. (Hallmark, premieres 12/20): A woman "takes a DNA test revealing that she's Jewish," and she falls in love over Hanukkah, and I am very curious about how this one is going to go over. A Timeless Christmas (Hallmark, premieres 11/15): This one involves actual supernatural forces in the form of time travel. On The 12th Date Of Christmas (Hallmark, premiered 11/1): What happens when two professional rivals who are game designers are tasked with planning a wacky holiday stunt like a Christmas scavenger hunt? Goldie Hawn joins her real-life partner Kurt Russell as Mrs. Claus in this sequel to the Netflix holiday movie, in which a now-teenage Kate Pierce (Darby Camp) teams up with Santa (Russell) again to thwart a troublemaker looking to cancel Christmas. Whether you're looking for free Christmas movies or holiday films to rent, we found the best Christmas movies on Amazon Prime to help you celebrate the 2020 Yuletide season, including It's a … As Akeem is about to be crowned king, he learns he has an American son he never knew about and travels back to the States to bring him into the fold. She's a romance writer with a column, but he cancels it right before Christmas, making him quite a mean suit man. Christmas Waltz (Hallmark, premieres 11/28): Hallmark stalwart Lacey Chabert plays a woman whose wedding is canceled. As the COVID-19 pandemic led to … Christmas Dilemma (TV One, premieres 12/6): Directed by Essence Atkins, this is the story of a couple that encounters family chaos when their families descend during the holidays. Homemade Christmas (Lifetime, premieres 11/22): The only things I really can tell you about this one are that a woman becomes "the ultimate holiday freelance assistant for hire" and "must choose between the man of her aspirations and Mr. A serious career woman returns to her adorable hometown to acquire the adorable small business -- an inn — which is also being pursued by an old flame who quickly becomes a professional rival. First Christmas (OWN, premieres 12/22): A woman who grew up in foster care spends the holidays with her birth family, including several siblings, one of whom is hesitant about introducing her girlfriend to the family. An attractive local — with a restaurant — makes an impression. Holly & Ivy (Hallmark M&M, premiered 11/1): If you looked at this title and thought, "I wonder if Holly and Ivy are two moppets who will help bring two people together," then you are correct! New stay-home order looms for L.A. County as COVID-19 cases soar to new highs. Streaming on Hulu. Review: Kurt Russell delivers more Claus and effects in Netflix’s ‘The Christmas Chronicles: Part Two’. Writer-director Aneesh Chaganty had a sleeper hit with 2018’s Searching, and he returns with another thriller for his sophomore feature. If I Only Had Christmas (Hallmark, premieres 11/29): Hallmark stalwart Candace Cameron Bure plays a "cheerful publicist" who works with a "cynical business owner" for charity. She runs into an old flame and tries to cheer up the moppets with a little "12 Days Of Christmas" action. But is he actually passing along gifts from ... Santa? I have no idea what this actually entails. The Christmas Listing (Lifetime, premieres 11/30): This is the first one I can remember that actually describes its serious career woman as "uptight" in the synopsis, but there you go! She works in real estate and winds up stuck at an inn over Christmas with her professional rival while she tries not to accidentally discover the true meaning of Christmas. A Christmas Tree Grows In Colorado (Hallmark, premieres 11/24): A woman planning a treasured holiday tradition (the town Christmas party) needs a tree from what I'm guessing is a grumpy man who doesn't appreciate the true meaning of Christmas. She also restores a car, which is why this title exists. Jovovich will co-star with martial arts icon Tony Jaa, as well as Meagan Good, Ron Perlman, and T.I., among others, and center on a group of soldiers who are transported to a world ruled by giant, deadly monsters. As it turns out, various vultures have been buying up all the wineries, but perhaps she and the owner of this one can find a way forward. Tessa Thompson and Nnamdi Asomugha take the lead in this period romantic drama about a woman and a saxophonist who enjoy a brief summer romance and rekindle their love years later upon reconnecting. Academy Award winners Anthony Hopkins and Olivia Colman bring their considerable talents to Florian Zeller’s adaptation of his own stage play about a woman trying to find a caregiver for her increasingly ornery father, who is slowly succumbing to dementia. Wouldn't that be ... grape? What's more, the mean suit man who's in charge of its demise won't even listen! Get the details on every new premiere in our 2020 Countdown to Christmas Movies Preview! Hitting theaters for a limited release before it streams on Netflix on December 24, this Ron Howard drama based on J.D. WHAT WILL HAPPEN? The whole gang is back for a new animated adventure, as the Croods become rivals with another family, the Bettermans, but are forced to work together when their children disappear. Copyright ©  2018 Fandango. This will see a limited theatrical release before streaming on Amazon Prime on January 15, 2021. Appreciation: Chadwick Boseman held the screen with power and unerring purpose, L.A. outdoor dining ban survives challenges, Is it really necessary to shut down L.A. County? Emmy-winner Rachel Brosnahan goes dark in Julia Hart’s crime thriller about a woman on the lam with a baby that isn’t hers after her husband’s mysterious business dealings catch up to him. The Angel Tree (Hallmark M&M, premieres 11/21): A writer is trying to figure out who's granting wishes. Mark Mainz/Netflix But a Hollywood actor who grew up in her adorable small town is back, and between the two of them, perhaps they can save the critical community asset. George Clooney directs and stars in this post-apocalyptic survival tale, based on a novel, about a scientist trying to warn a group of astronauts not to return to Earth after an unspecified global catastrophe has taken place. [eyebrow waggle] Also: "People Presents" does indeed refer to People, the magazine. The Christmas Edition (Lifetime, premieres 11/15): A hard-working journalist gets a chance to run an adorable small town's newspaper. A chef who grew up in an adorable small business (a B&B) goes home for Christmas, but a grumpy critic who might put a hole in the B&B's reputation comes around to grump up the holidays. Can she bring the magic back? How Pete Docter and Kemp Powers brought the first Black Pixar protagonist to life in ‘Soul’. Jingle Jangle: A Christmas Journey (2020). The idea is that coincidences are called "Godwinks." Holiday Heartbreak (BET, premieres 12/16): A man learns that actual supernatural forces mean that his daughter is paying the price in her love life for his past sins, and he has to make things right. (Hallmark, premieres 11/25): Hallmark stalwart Alison Sweeney and Buffy The Vampire Slayer boyfriend Marc Blucas play professional rivals -- TV hosts who are sent to an adorable small town over Christmas. Copyright © 2018 Fandango. Christmas Tree Lane (Hallmark M&M, premiered 10/24): Hallmark stalwart Alicia Witt plays the owner of an adorable small business, a music store. Streaming on Amazon Prime. Deliver By Christmas (Hallmark M&M, premiered 10/25) A bakery owner meets a single dad with a moppet, whom she likes very much. Paul Bettany is the titular uncle in writer-director Alan Ball’s drama about a closeted NYU professor during the 1970s who travels home with his freshman niece (IT’s Sophia Lillis) and faces his dark past. Christmas Unwrapped (Lifetime, premiered 10/24): A reporter investigates a generous local man who plays Santa to his town. The people behind Happy Death Day are back with another cheeky, high-concept horror flick, as Vince Vaughn and Kathryn Newton star in this slasher comedy about a serial killer who switches bodies with one of his teen victims. A Christmas For Mary (OWN, premieres 12/8) Extremely beloved celebrity Vivica A. She goes on the hunt with a man she doesn't know, and along the way — why yes, it appears they begin to like each other. When she gets there, the local chocolate maker shows her around. They're both at the mercy of the owner (beloved celebrity Patrick Duffy).

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