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I’m an unashamed save-scummer who does not like soldiers dying. You can assign engineers and scientists to regions to supply additional boosts. The result is a neat Earth-B take on the concept that unlocks hundreds of hours of extra playtime. One mod has been out for 3 days, the other has been playable in some form for over 2 years. Combine this with new classes, new weapons, new enemies, and new abilities, and again, Long War feels almost like a new game, just using the same basics and setting. Instead, the book has the exact same problem as the original: It's a dozen or so characters in search of a plot. It makes sense for example for Vipers or faster/slippery units in general to have it. I've had a good number of deaths/injuries because I had forgotten which enemies had which perks. this makes tracking your soldiers a fair bit easier. Best PC games At high levels, with the right skills, Shinobi can break stealth, attack multiple enemies and re-enter concealment, or mitigate damage with buffed evasion rolls (dodging an attack means you take a small amount of 'graze' damage, far preferable to the full-whack when fighting mid-tier enemies upwards). Infiltration isn’t just window-dressing though. Always. This creates an interesting separation within your roster, between large teams of newbies and small teams of highly-levelled, well-equipped crack special forces operatives. 'Mod' implies an aesthetic tweak, a UI correction, a new weapon perhaps. If you roll a crit your attack is "upgraded" from a graze to a hit or a hit to a crit. The more time you spend doing this, the easier the mission will be (starting at basically impossible at 0% infiltration). Having to go to reddit to determine if something is intended or if it is some sort of bug with your ini files is ridiculous. Complications arise in that you don’t get a fleet of Skyrangers to zip your people around the map and you’ll need to take the Avenger to each location, dropping off the squad and then moving on to your next stop. add to that the graze chance. My biggest wish is for the F1 stat card to return. This dilutes the impact and drama of an XCOM 2 campaign to an extent. Now to close up, I do love and appreciate what they did with the game, full props to pavonis for their amazing work, this might be a long rant but it's very far from meaning that I dislike the game. – and disaster – three soldiers left behind and captured. Regardless of mechanics, the strat layer is just awful UX. Crits and dodge make it more complicated though, given a sliding scale of crit, hit, graze, miss, rolling a crit moves you up the scale by one, and dodge moves you down the scale by one. What this accomplishes is that missions feel different not only because of all the new stuff, but also because you are using a different mix of soldiers as well. There is no fatigue but expect wounded soldiers a lot. Mark Jacobs blog, Open Beta, and CPU issues. Basically, you have a 20% graze chance in this scenario. In non timed missions you aren't forced to put yourself in very risky positions with the lack of timers so you have greater control of the fight overall IE instead of 70/30 hit+damage variance+graze chance over 1 critical live or die turn compared to a several turns long engagement that gives room for the averages to start showing up over several dice rolls. There are several missions where it doesn't even make sense that we have timers pre-concealment break, etc... any way like I said I tweaked it and it doesn't bother me anymore. I’m interested in more variety but not really higher difficulty. Based in Bath with the UK team, Tom loves strategy games, action RPGs, hack ‘n slash games, digital card games… basically anything that he can fit on a hard drive. its actually really helpful for me, I don't know anything about the mod and this thread helped me learn more about it. If a new class and skills weren’t enough to make your squad stand out from the crowd, you can permanently steal Advent MECs now. This slows the pace considerably—this is the Long War, after all. Start your review of The Long War (The Long Earth, #2) Write a review. If your graze band is set to 10%, then the graze area extends 10% in both directions. No way to tell. NY 10036. In the Long War you nurture a broad, diverse stable over a longer period. Consequently, losing agents isn't the body blow it can be in trad XCOM, and you have more room to experiment with ability and weapon combinations across your force. Long War 2 for War of the Chosen (WOTC) This is an attempt to port the Long War 2 (LW2) overhaul mod for XCOM 2 to the War of the Chosen (WOTC) expansion. LW1 transformed XCOM from a fun tactical game to a serious tactical game; LW2 transformed XCOM2 from a cinematic unbalanced action fest to a cinematic serious tactical game. In other words, shots above 90% and below 10% hit chance were slightly nerfed/improved respectively. The way the core game gives you a narrow stream of high-stakes decisions is one of the reasons I loved it so much when I reviewed it last year. -The randomly generated and in general kind of bigger/more cover heavy maps alleviates the massive amount of enemies in Long War, too often in Long War 1 you'd land and would trigger 2 pods right at the entrance while struggling to even find even any half cover for the whole squad. The extra bit of ablative armour that recruits wear also helps. Your max squad size is ten (versus vanilla XCOM 2's six), but smaller squads infiltrate areas more quickly, and an effective infiltration means weaker enemies once you’re on the ground. Comments are now closed. Overall Long War 2 feels much much smoother, while Long War is a bit of a diamond in the rough, Long War feels far less clunky and feels like it's living up to it's potential. I used to like the loadout music. XCOM 2 – Long War 2 mod review Posted on January 23, 2017 by SynCaine When XCOM 2 originally came out I liked it, as it was more of XCOM, and the first game was great. Speaking of Firaxis, it's great to see studios work with modders, particularly in instances where the mod team wants to substantially rework the studio's original vision. If you’re wondering how we got to nine classes, there’s the brand new Technical class plus the three introduced in a previous mod from the Long War team. Games, culture, community creations, criticism, guides, videos—everything. Long War 2 is great, and deserves most of the praise that it gets. But you have a 15% graze chance, 85% hit chance. I think the graze band is fine but the bigger damage variance on what used to be the most reliable weapon+dodge+graze band+armor makes it so you can have a +90% chance to hit and still have to beg the RNG gods for mercy. Missions have time limits, so you can’t go to 200% just by waiting, and other factors (squad size, the weapons you bring, weapon mods like silencers) also influence the rate. Now get out there and give those hollow-eyed motherfuckers hell. Long War 2 plays up the infiltrator angle. Not looking forward to Psi joining the busywork. I feel it fits the theme of rebellion significantly better than XCOM2 did, is easier to get into (important for appealing to all the players new to XCOM2), and actually forces your play style to change (unlike LW1 which mostly kept the same playstyle, but just encouraged more flanks and caution). From a casual nooblord like myself this is what I think: These are only first impressions but I simply like it more if at the very least for the several QoL changes inherent to xcom 2. XCOM, the planet’s last line of defense, was left decimated and scattered. These kinds of threads are the laziest exercises in pseudo-intellectual claptrap. There are plenty of new mission types for these new soldiers to tackle, including prison break-outs and enemy base assaults.

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