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midas golden distilleries (p) ltd 20 mgm gold reserve french brandy p 1280 960 480 240 1 binnie's deluxe brandy o 400 200 100 21 … In maximum Indian bars and retail shops, this brand vodka is available. magic moments premium grain vodka p 640 320 160 17 antiquity blue super premium whisky p 1120 560 280 17 mgm gold vsop premium brandy p 850 640 320 160 18 mgm indian challenge premium whisky p 760 380 190 19 clovis xo french grape brandy p 840 420 210 m/s. Commanding over 50% market share across price points in Vodka category, it has reached the level of being the undisputed leader and a category driver for the industry. In 2006, Wodka Gorbatschow won Monde Selection Gold Award. It has the standard 42.8% Alcohol by Volume (ABV). It is originally a brand from France. Looking for a really authentic Russian vodka? Beer; Mixers + Cold Drinks; Juice; Energy Drinks; Pre Mix Drinks; Catalog. Hence, White Mischief is a very neutral tasting vodka that is almost tasteless. These companies not only provide their services but... Logistic companies are very important in transportation and various other Businesses. This vodka is quite expensive than others but it is appropriate for any rich party or likewise. This is again a translucent Vodka Bottle with blue and red packaging. There is special strawberry combination, which is preferred by woman majorly. Besides being expensive, they are good in quality and suit the stature. However, you can enjoy Vladivar vodka at some of the topmost restaurants in India. The vodka content looks transparent and in India, mainly the imported brands are widely popular. A good label of Vodka that is popular in India and sales is good enough in highly populated country of ours. Red Wines; Rose Wines; Champagnes; Imported Wines; Domestic Wines; White Wines; Soft Drinks. Party, occasion, meeting or any other social get together, vodka is now getting a must purchase option for adding extra charm in your life. Magic Moments is an Indian vodka brand distilled by the famous liquor company, Radico-Khaitan Ltd. Nose: Fruity, sweet with a hint of peaty note emanating a well-balanced bouquet. A set of 7 different Absolut flavors in miniatures seems to be a perfect gift to any dear friend in budget. The spirit of Magic Moments can be celebrated with various tantalizing flavours that take excellence a notch up! Sort by. Radico Khaitan has been a pioneer in this industry, with brands such as Rampur Whisky, 8PM Whisky, Magic Moments Vodka, Contessa Rum & Old Admiral Brandy in its brand portfolio. In India, there are lots of companies which provide courier services to a number of people. You can buy it online or from a outdoor shop to add some pleasure to your party. This premium vodka is smooth and perfectly blends with your senses, giving an enriched taste. The majestic packaging of Poland made Vodka “Belvedere” has a great fan following. Alter Ego Red Wine. It is a brand from Sweden. Finish: Luxuriously smooth and long finish. Price Range: 4800 to 5600 INR for 700 ml vodka. Remix Green Apple and Orange flavor has been doing exceptionally well, and the other flavours are also catching up. Volume v. 700ml (9) 750ml (13) 1000ml (5) Brand v. Bardinet (2) Bols (1) Bootz (1) Clovis (1) Constantino (1) Courrier (1) Courvoiser (2) Hennessy (1) Hobsons (1) Honey Bee (1) Mansion House (2) McDowell (2) … 40% ABV . Another best Vodka is India is made available, that is Wyborowa. Red Wines. Its vibrant streaks of colour comes alive with stories of valiant princes, as its princely 15 gun salute ups the levels of royal pride to its highest. Also Read: Top 10 Best Selling Whisky Brands in India. Again it’s a product from famous United Breweries group and has achieved 2 star rating from International Taste and Quality Institute (ITQI) for high standards of quality and taste. It meets and exceeds international standards and hence has a wide following in India and abroad. Also Read: Top 10 Premium Whisky Brands of India. This vodka first appeared in the market in the mid-1800s and was distilled in Moscow by Pyotr Arsenievich Smirnov.

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