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ofseasons A Dog Named "Dog": Mao Mao is a black cat, and since "Mao" is Chinese for "cat", Mao Mao translates to "Cat Cat" in Chinese. Together, the three go on adventures to protect their citizens of Pure Heart Valley from the forces of evil. Enemy(s) Mao Mao met Adorabat in Pure Heart Valley, and they became quick friends due to Adorabat's near immediate respect and admiration for him. ", "SHOWBUZZDAILY's Top 150 Monday Cable Originals & Network Finals: 8.5.2019 - Showbuzz Daily", "SHOWBUZZDAILY's Top 150 Monday Cable Originals & Network Finals: 8.12.2019 - Showbuzz Daily", "Some more Mao Mao: Heroes of Pure Heart! Badgerclops Not Understanding his Polices and Annoying him, Rules, Losing to his enemy Orangusnake, Being Disliked by the Sweetypies, Getting mocked from his sisters, Things not planning like he thinks Unfortunately for her, she realizes that spending quality time with each of them is annoying and tries to get them back together. Click here to view the gallery for Mao Mao: Heroes of Pure Heart. Mao Mao has five older sisters: Brunhilde, Minori, and three others who have yet to be named. Mao Mao searches for a friend, Instead he makes thing. Adorabat and Badgerclops try to prevent him from spreading the disease which makes it even more difficult when a giant ice dragon appears to cause destruction in the town. Green English Soon Mao Mao begins losing hope in trying when he is forced to give up his gloves and use his actual stubby fingers while also going up against the champion, Big Thumb Pete. When Badgerclops gets upset over having to do many (actually just two) chores, he leaves HQ and finds himself captured by the Sky Pirates. The show was first introduced on May 20, 2019. She quickly grows to full size after Badgerclops had to leave her in the wild and later on comes to the rescue when the Sky Pirates threaten to murder the heroes by tossing them off a cliff. Eyes Chris McCulloch as Benny, Boss Hosstrich, Cluckins, Orangusnake, Vic 2. King Snugglemagne has a terrible fright while getting a midnight snack. While Badgerclops profits from the event with his flutes, Mao Mao seeks to expose the whole thing as a sham. Desperate to prove that his sword is worthy of its battle prowess, Mao Mao sets off to show its magnificent worth. However, Snugglemagne's constant politeness annoys Mao Mao and the crew and they look for a way to get rid of him. Teen Mao Mao is scared of puppets. Adorabat is upset at the fact that Mao Mao and Badgerclops have had numerous adventures together and she feels left out. Badgerclops is convinced that his new purifying crystals keep him clean when in actuality, he has become incredibly stinky. Badgerclops is Mao Mao's best friend. After an insane battle, Mao Mao and Orangusnake end up in the same hospital room. When Badgerclops comes out of a rare state of hyper-focused creativity, he may have made something that could destroy all of Pure Heart Valley. Mao Mao and Badgerclops find that they cannot directly fight it because it fights back and they cannot reason with it because it absorbs everything in its way. any other episode order inconsistencies from intended? 40 (Season 1) When Adorabat starts to aggressively 'heckle' everyone with her new zing power, she threatens the entire kingdom. Executiveproducer(s) Starring However, Shin Mao changes his tune when Mao Mao is placed in a conflicting position. He resolves to use stealth to get to the center of town where his clothes ended up and to "rescue" Adorabat and Badgerclops, who are just back at HQ messing around and waiting for Mao Mao. Lika Leong as Penny 5. Mao Mao: Heroes of Pure Heart is an American animated television series created by Parker … Badgerclops and Adorabat were fighting when Mao Mao snots a tear. Mao Mao is convinced that Bao Bao betrayed him and cost him his tail. When Mao Mao accidentally breaks up the most perfect couple in Pure Heart Valley, he has to figure out how to get them back together again. In Mao Mao’s Golden Truth Form, he finishes the giant monster off in a fashion similar to Persona 5’s “All Out Attack”. Media When Mao Mao was still young, He always admired and looking for praise from his father by showing off his combat skills. After accidentally instigating a fight between the two, Adorabat gets her chance to hang out with them individually. This episode was first released online on April 12, 2020. Parker Simmons (adult, teen)Colleen Clinkenbeard (young). This episode was first released online on May 20, 2019. Tommy Blach… Badgerclops try’s to give a new mug to Mao Mao, But he will not trust them. Mao Mao: Heroes of Pure Heart is an animated series created by Parker Simmons and … Badgerclops ends up liking being big as no one can ignore him and he can do whatever he wants, upsetting the Pure Heart Valley Sweetypies. Voice Actor A sorcerer with golden eye-contacts that offer incredible sight. He continuously puts down Mao Mao, despite his heroic endeavors and makes Badgerclops, Adorabat and even Orangusnake uncomfortable. and a collection of coins(several of them were, ironically, melted when Adorabat and Badgerclops make a new mug as an apology and a replacement for breaking the old one). While fun at first, all three begin to have doubts about their respective new positions, made even more difficult when facing a new monster. Dislikes Mao Mao is energetic and outgoing. 11 minutes He follows a very strong moral compass, and is willing to give up his own aspirations in order to do what is right. Professional Status They travel everywhere together, and share good chemistry with each other. The show was renewed for a second season on July 23, 2020, at the San Diego Comic Con at Home. Catching on to their plan, the Sky Pirates sneak into the department inside the new couch in an effort to defeat them. Genre Nickname(s) She keeps failing when she gets up to them. To do this, he decides to add weights to his feet and carry scorpions while remaining blindfolded. It premiered on the French-language Cartoon Network France on January 4, 2020. Let's Be Heroes, Parker decided to work on a new series as a former writer. However, he soon learns the downsides of having a non-chore filled life. Orangusnake next tries to convince Mao Mao that he does not need friends to be legendary. A monk with a golden hat that can store infinite items. Fortunately, Mao Mao still cares about Shin Mao, despite being ignored. According to Mao Mao, "[they] are all well on their way to becoming legends", and Mao Mao desires to prove himself worthy to be counted among them. In a anime styled fictional kingdom called "Pure Heart Valley" is a cuddly town full of critters, such as rabbits, dogs, and horses. Mao Mao: Heroes of Pure Heart Wiki is a FANDOM TV Community. So, they became partners through the chase. In an effort to beat him, Orangusnake combines with his minions to become Bossiraffeosnakurang. Language(s) Traits Mao Mao angrily denounces such a creature exists, but all the Sweetypies begin to give in to the obviously fake phenomena. Friend(s) Shin Mao is Mao Mao's father, though it is implied that they have a strident relationship. Status Ramaraffe (voiced by Wilson), a female cybernetic, Boss Hosstrich (voiced by McCulloch), a cybernetic. Sonara, Adorabat's deceased mother who died when a Cave Dragon from Pure Heart Valley attacked her and killed her before the events of the series. Mao Mao climbs the Ruby Pure Heart to prove his worth. At a Farmer’s Market, A Giant Elephant Monster comes to attack them, Mao Mao tries to believe himself that he’s not afraid of puppets anymore. Mao Mao can use several special moves with the assistance of at least one of his companions. "I Love You Mao Mao" Mao Mao hugs Bao Bao for the first time since the cave incident. Adult In "Meet Tanya Keys", Mao Mao decides to let Snugglemagne deal with a mayonnaise-covered Pinky so that he can save Badgerclops from Tanya Keys. Prior to the events of the show, Mao Mao and Bao Bao defeated Coby and Tanner before they became Orangusnake, as seen in the flashback in "Orangusnake Begins", which has caused Orangusnake to hold a grudge against Mao Mao. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Although Mao Mao respects Snugglemagne as a king and ruler, he does not seem to like him as a person, as he is aware of the king's ego and competitive streak. In "He's the Sheriff", he tried all manner of tactics to get rid of the king, knowing well enough that the king was a bad deputy for the job. Mao Mao and Badgerclops learn about "Takesgiving", a holiday where two thieving con artists, a, King Snugglemagne gets a message that Bao Bao, Mao Mao's old partner, is arriving. Composer(s) Ol' Blue (voiced by Blacha), a citizen of Pure Heart Valley who is a therapist and not easily impressed. because it's too dangerous, Adorabat sets out to prove that she can take care of herself. During one of his adventures, he gets stuck in a cute and cuddly town called Pure Heart Valley with his co-hero Badgerclops, a cyborg-armed badger, and meets Adorabat, a cute little bat. Status Later, Eugene goes inside her childhood home and gets attacked by a Cave Dragon. voiced by Parker Simmons. Mao Mao views cooking as an art while Badgerclops views it as a science.

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