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India’s Probable Move toward Space Weaponization, Significance of Pakistan’s Tactical Nuclear Weapons, Sonia Naz is a visiting Lecturer at International Islamic university and university of Lahore Islamabad. A Pakistani military officer, General Khalid Kidwai, mentioned in 2002 what Pakistan’s nuclear use strategy could look like, saying that Pakistan would willingly launch nuclear missiles if the existence of the state was at risk. This website uses cookies to improve your experience while you navigate through the website. When Pakistan was developing its nuclear weapons infrastructure in the 1970s and 1980s, its principal concern was the risk that India would overrun its nuclear weapons facilities in an armored offensive if the facilities were placed close to the long Pakistan-India border. Project Azm, which is Pakistan’s next-generation fighter program, is an attempt at resolving this platform limitation. The Taliban and the Struggle for Afghanistan, Twenty Years after the USS Cole Attack: The Search for Justice, Jihadi Insurgency in Mozambique Grows in Sophistication and Reach, A View from the CT Foxhole: Drew Endy, Associate Chair, Bioengineering, Stanford University, Back into the Shadows? The Pakistani Taliban and al-Qa`ida are more than capable of launching terrorist attacks in these areas, including within Islamabad and Rawalpindi. Hence no suggestion conflicting with this purpose is acceptable to Pakistan. The Dynamics of War (New York: Routledge, 2015), 33. In this way series of 6 nuclear testing by Pakistan was accomplished. var _Hasync= _Hasync|| []; Yet, there are at least four levels of concern about collusion. But just after nuclearisation Kashmir became a global issue and entire world realized that Kashmir is a route cause of all the issues. The President-elect Joe Biden, in turn, called him back for thanks and reaffirmation of many things suspected to be under shadow by many. Since the US’s capacity to secure security for allies in Asia, let alone preserve the regional order,  is in question, the major powers of the region such as India, Japan and Australia must work closely to prevent China’s ambition of pre-eminence in the Indo-Pacific. The final risk, and one that is usually overlooked, is that the Pakistan Army could itself decide to transfer nuclear weapons to a terrorist group. [xxiv] Instead of treating them as mere contextual factors, it is important to consider the respective as constituting their own logic, along which strategy is aligned. To understand the strategy of potential opponents, it makes sense to deconstruct its logical foundation, to consider the universally valid logic of strategy but also the respective underlying actor-specific logic. If this is the route, the PAF is clearly working towards a credible long-range strike-capable aircraft. For More Information on Pakistan’s Next Gen Fighter Program: The RAS-72 Sea Eagle is among the Pakistan Navy’s (PN) newer inductions. In this respect, the Quad must first formulate agendas based on consensus and norms, and see how it can act upon it. Pakistan’s former Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif said in 2013 that Pakistan would continue to obey the policy of minimum credible nuclear deterrence to avoid the arms race in the region. This time, China had a muted response compared with 2007, but it warned against any regional groupings in which the US, a formidable countervailing power against the Chinese military, is a member. Turning to the scientists he queried “anyone can do it” they said “yes we can” but if you provide us facilities, in reply to that Bhutto said I will provide a complete assistance to you. A PAKISTANI minister has threatened India with a nuclear attack in "the bloody last war" and says only Muslims will survive. In 1964 when India started reprocessing its spent fuel from its power reactors for military use Bhutto began thinking of exercising the nuclear weapon option. It is widely accepted that there is a strong element within the Pakistan Army and within the lead intelligence agency, the ISI, that is anti-Western, particularly anti-U.S., and that there also exists an overlapping pro-Islamist strand [17]. 1 (2007), 90-105. [viii]Approaching the term from a contemporary perspective, Gray very prominently defines strategy as “the bridge that relates military power to political purpose”. This is to be made clear at the all national, regional and international platforms that Pakistan is striving hard to maintain the strategic stability while India is only contributing toward instigating the regional arms race. In the military Quad, the US has to be a facilitator, not a lead balancer, to promote it as an acceptable grouping across the region. But opting out of some of these cookies may affect your browsing experience. In November 1999, Pakistan’s Foreign Minister Abdul Sattar stated that ‘more is unnecessary while little is enough’. The fact that Pakistan has been willing to fire on U.S. soldiers during the latter’s ground incursion into Pakistan’s tribal areas on September 12, 2008 [10] removes any debate about whether Pakistan would use force to resist attempts by the United States to secure Pakistan’s nuclear assets without its consent. Wars in 1948, 1965 and 1971 shows Indian wrath and rage for Pakistan. This would help a lot to prevail peace in south Asia. [xxiii] This means that within the realm of strategy, Luttwak’s paradoxical logic finds thorough application as the straightforward “linear” logic is viewed rather predictable and is therefore more likely to be punished. Third, technocrats with pro-terrorist or anti-Western sympathies could transfer their knowledge to al-Qa`ida or to the Pakistani Taliban. In terms of physical security, Pakistan operates a layered concept of concentric tiers of armed forces personnel to guard nuclear weapons facilities, the use of physical barriers and intrusion detectors to secure nuclear weapons facilities, the physical separation of warhead cores from their detonation components, and the storage of the components in protected underground sites. However, Pakistan’s nuclear establishment is  concerned about nuclear security of weapons for which it has laid out stringent nuclear security system. Oxford: Oxford University Press (2011). Pakistan’s nuclear posture is based on minimum credible nuclear deterrence which means that its nuclear weapons have no other role except to counter the aggression from its adversary. KSEW Cuts Steel for Pakistan’s Second MILGEM Corvette, Istanbul Naval Shipyard Lays Keel for First Pakistani MILGEM, Commissioning ceremony of Offshore Patrol Vessel PNS YARMOOK, Damen and Blohm + Voss selected for construction German MKS180 frigates, Leading specialized battery manufacturer, EaglePicher, selects IFS cloud-based solution to power its operations, Pakistan Navy’s Damen Corvette / Offshore Patrol Vessel, China’s scale gives flexibility for high-tech arms development, Loaded Procurement Pipeline in Tow, The Pakistan Navy Rises (Part 1), Type 054A/P Frigate: Pakistan’s New Multi-Mission Frigates, Potential Shifts in Pakistan’s Defence Industry, The Future of Pakistan’s Airborne Nuclear Deterrence. However, as will be argued, there is more to the logic of strategy that must be considered. So lastly, the reluctant President Donald Trump, keeping the value of the verdict, allows the GSA to begin the transition under the Presidential Transition Act 1963, on November 23, 2020 making the post-election resources and services available to assist in the event of presidential transition. The RAS-72 is a maritime patrol aircraft (MPA) based on the ATR-72, a commercially available commuter aircraft. Speaking to the New York Times, some American officials expressed their concern about “new vulnerabilities for Pakistan’s nuclear arsenal, including the potential for militants to snatch a weapon in transport or to insert sympathizers into laboratories or fuel-production facilities.”. Firstly, the utility of the use of military force as an important tool of statecraft must be acknowledged. In these circumstances it was very vital for Pakistan to establish some atomic research centers to balance the power of threatening states. Pakistan contrive its first atomic energy institute in January 1955 that was encouraged by United States. [vi] Cf. Our first door neighbor India never endure Pakistan as a state. In 1960 Dr I.H USMANI was appointed as the head of commission. Art, To What Ends Military Power? Pakistan obtained nuclear program because of India, it has not done anything independently but followed India.

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