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All contents provided by us are based on best of our knowledge. (b) a curved line inclined towards y-axis (a) 5 m/s (ii) One oscillation. The curve between square of frequency of oscillation and length of the simple pendulum is–(1) straight line, (2)parabola, (3) ellipse, (4) hyperbola. of the pendulum on the planet is 2.828 m. A pendulum takes 5 minutes for 100 oscillation at a place X. to and fro motion of an object is called oscillatory motion. (d) None of the above Answer: Given: Period = T = 4 s, velocity at mean position = vmax A clock regulated by a seconds pendulum keeps correct time. Circular motion is rotation of an object along a circular path. State the characteristic of distance-time graph for the motion of an object moving with a constant speed. They will again be in the same phase when the pendulum of certain length has completedoscillations. (c) Motometer Enter pincode to get tutors in your city. Distance 5 km = 1 cm and Time 6 min = 1 cm. Q9) The age of a boy in months is equal to the age of his grandfather in years. Graph of object D [NCERT Exemplar; HOTS] Question 16. All the four will oscillate with equal amplitude. Nowadays most clocks or watches have an electric circuit with one or more cells. Match the Columns (b) Distance = Speed/Time State the way through which we can prepare a pendulum by our own. If the speed of an object moving along a straight line keeps changing, its motion Explain how time was measured when pendulum clocks were not available. (a) A to 8 and back to A The time period of a simple pendulum is the time taken by it to travel from Show that for small oscillations the motion of a simple pendulum is simple harmonic. A simple pendulum consists of a small metallic ball or a piece of stone suspended from a rigid stand by a thread. Ans. Name the axis that represents dependent variable. NCERT Exemplar Problems for Class 7 Science for all chapters, Download Exemplar Solutions for Class 7 Science and download in pdf free. Divide both sides by 4 to find the value of x. Q3) Three numbers are in the ratio 1:2:3. Also if 2 bobs of different mass are taken for 2 different pendulum then, time period would remain unaffected but if mass (here, weight) changes while it is oscillating then its time period would change. The quantities below that do not affect the period of the simple pendulum is….. available. Many time measuring devices were used in different parts of the world before the Question 2. The numbers obtained by interchanging the digits is 14 more than the given number. how many oscillations will it gain or lose in a day? 15 minutes = 15/60 = 0.25 hours. They do not have equal speed because they cover unequal distance in equal intervals of time. 4. Ans: The bob is C will vibrate with maximum amplitude m/s2, Given: l 2 m = l 1 m + 22 cm = Q7) Suraj is now half as old as his father. eval(ez_write_tag([[580,400],'educationwithfun_com-medrectangle-4','ezslot_7',103,'0','0'])); Ans. The length of thread from the point of suspension to the centre of bob, is called length of pendulum. Answer: Answer: Question 13. Time period of a pendulum depends on its ……………….. . at noon, shadow formed by the sun is shorter than at evening. Q16. As, the distance-time graph of object F is a curved line, therefore the object C is moving with a non-uniform speed and its motion is non-uniform. find its length. A and C are of the same length, while B is smaller than A and D is larger than A. if A is given a transverse displacement : 3 months = 30x3days = 30 × 3 × 24h = 30 × 3 × 24 × 3600s = 7776000s (b) The values showed by Chintoo’s mother here is the concern towards her four years old child and also the concern towards that wristwatch while considering the importance of money. When a body travels equal distance in an equal interval of time, then the body is said to be in a uniform motion. 2.When a simple pendulum is kept on the moon , what is the difference seen on its speed of oscillation and time period? Question 1. Observe the given figure. A spaceship travels 36000 km in one hour.Express its speed in km/s. (a) By multiplying with 5/16 The following distance-time graph of three objects (D, E and F) are given (see figure given alongside). (b) Only A (b) 10 m/s While choosing the most suitable scale for drawing a graph, we should keep the following points in mind Name the different types of graphs. 1. Time taken by the bob to move from A to C is t1 and from C to O is t2. True Answer: Answer: Q3. What are their ages now? A truck travels a distance of 540 km in 4.5 hours. After few minutes, he saw a wristwatch on his study table, so after seeing it, he got crazy and so much in eager to play with that watch. Download solutions for Science... Download latest 2020 Sample Papers for Class 7 Science as per CBSE NCERT pattern and syllabus. Please login back to continue to your studies. Solving equations which have linear equations on one side and numbers on the other side, Solving equations having variables having the variable on both sides. If the velocity of the bob in the mean position is 40 cm/s, NCERT Exemplar Class 7 Science is very important resource for students preparing for VII Board Examination. A nanosecond is one billionth of a 8. straight line, True/False State the condition under which the distance-time graph of an object is a horizontal line parallel to the axis of time. [NCERT Exemplar] Calculate-his average speed for the entire journey. Do not worry, Visit Math Square and learn what is Simple Equations Class 7 and how to solve problems on Class 7 Simple Equations. ∴ a = 25.5 cm. (b) Given, total distance = 3+ 3 = 6km, total time = 30 + 20 = 50 min. Time interval of a month is measured by one new moon to the next. How time was measured when pendulum clocks were not available? Find the number. Question 4. Question 7. A simple pendulum is an idealized model. Then, she thought to go through her own car. (a) The wristwatch can be handled very easily to check the time in comparison to the wall clock. Question 2. (e)-(ii) The speed of the bus is. CBSE Class 7 Science Worksheet - Motion And Time, Read the latest news and announcements from NCERT and CBSE below. True, iv. Question 12. y-axis represents the dependent variable. Every object moves with a constant speed. (a) straight line inclined by some angle to x-axis Please enter the verification code sent to your mobile number. The correct answer is A. Given: Length of pendulum = l = 1 m, mass of bob = m = 10 g = 0.010 kg, amplitude = a = 2 cm = 0.02 m, g = 9.8m/s 2. Also here, we can see that the distance-time graph of object E is parallel to x-axis (time-axis), therefore object E is at rest. Explain the following terms connected with a simple pendulum:(i) Length of a pendulum. MOTION AND TIME Q1. Question 6. On reaching, he finds that the school is closed and comes back by a bicycle with his friend and reaches home in 20 min. (c) Time interval of 5 min can be measured by both A and B Boojho travels with a higher speed as he has covered same distance in lesser time with respect to Paheli. A hollow pendulum bob filled with water has a small hole at the bottom through which water escapes at a constant rate. Question 3. The speed of the bus is (b) 7.2 The distance-time graph of his journey from his home to the ground is given as figure. Options: much more accurate than that by the clocks available earlier. If an object covers more distance in equal intervals of time with respect to other, then we can say that object is moving faster with respect to the other object. (a) What will be the position of the object at 20 s? Mention which is the most common thing in almost all the clocks. Briefly explain how will decide which object is moving fast and which one is moving slow. a) mass of the bob b)size of the bob c) amplitude d) all of these. What is the difference between a simple pendulum and a compound pendulum?? The time taken by the pendulum to complete What is non-uniform motion? (Coefficient of thermal expansion for brass = 0.000018). [NCERT Exemplar] (f)-(iii) Distance-time graph represents the speed of an object. Which one records the distance travelled by a vehicle? Find the original length and period of pendulum. Answer: The distance covered by an object in a ……………….. is called its speed. (b) Priyanka applied the brakes at a right time while driving the car and prevented her family and the person on rickshaw from meeting with an accident. State how do we measure time interval of a month. Since, the distance covered per unit time for the entire distance covered is not the same, the motion is a non-uniform motion. CBSE Class 7 Science Worksheet - Motion And Time - Practice worksheets for CBSE students. SOLUTION: Let the buses meet after t hours. Answer: 8. Clock A has an hour and a minute hand whereas clock B has an hour hand, minute hand as well as a second hand. g= 9.8 In a simple pendulum, the metallic ball suspended by thread is called its ……………….. . Now, to find the value of ‘x’ we need to divide both sides of the equation by 6 to maintain equality. What is distance-time graph? True 2. The time period of simple pendulum is not constant. Name the vibration in each of these pendulums.​. Draw a diagram. One of them has higher speed whom has to cover larger distance with respect to other. 1. Solar day is the most ancient unit of time in which it was earlier measured.

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