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Anusuchit Jati-Jamati Arakshan Bachao Parishad. Hoisting of flag was very restrictive till the formation of the Flag code of India (2002). [19][9] It drew initial inspiration from European right-wing groups during World War II. It alone has the capacity to transform society, end casteism and wipe the tears from the eyes of the poor. Community Organization. 48,270 people like this. [55][56] In 1934 Congress passed a resolution prohibiting its members from joining RSS, Hindu Mahasabha, or the Muslim League. Later, a constitution was drafted for RSS, which, however, initially did not meet any of Patel's demands. As of 2016 Delhi had 1,898 shakhas. It is the undisputable Guru of all those who call themselves Hindus. [90][91] The arrests and the flag-hoisting issue stoked a controversy, which was raised in the Parliament as well. The British Home Department took note of the fact that the speakers at the RSS meetings urged the members to keep aloof from the anti-British movements of the Indian National Congress, which was duly followed. [57][58][59] Golwalkar lamented the anti-British nationalism, calling it a "reactionary view" that, he claimed, had disastrous effects upon the entire course of the freedom struggle. The RSS' opposition to, and vitriolic attacks against, the Constitution of India continued post-independence. Return of the Swastika: Hate and Hysteria versus Hindu Sanity (2007). ), but when I ask them for exact names, times, places, it usually turns out that they have not bothered to record anything: what would have become a credible-sounding propaganda story in the hands of, Elst, Koenraad. BJP did not have much electoral success in its initial years and was able to win only two seats in the 1984 elections. In early 1954 volunteers Raja Wakankar and Nana Kajrekar of the RSS visited the area round about Dadra, Nagar Haveli, and Daman several times to study the topography and get acquainted with locals who wanted the area to change from being a Portuguese colony to being an Indian union territory. [210][non-primary source needed] The RSS volunteers carried out relief and rehabilitation work after the floods affected North Karnataka and some districts of the state of Andhra Pradesh. These cookies are used to improve your experience and provide more personalized service to you. note the accounts of "Muslim aggressiveness" and the "Hindu self-defence" in the RSS descriptions of the incident. [125] The Emergency was lifted in 1977, and as a consequence the ban on the RSS was also lifted. [37] The first major incident of religious violence was reportedly the Moplah rebellion in August 1921, it was widely narrated that the rebellion ended in large-scale violence against Hindu in Malabar. Ninety-five years of tapasya, rigorous penance and austerity, for the sake of India is how its eventful journey may be described. [42], Christophe Jaffrelot points out the theme of "stigmatisation and emulation" in the ideology of the RSS along with other Hindu nationalist movements such as the Arya Samaj and the Hindu Mahasabha. He was imprisoned with his followers by the Portuguese police. [191], Jaffrelot says that "there is insufficient data available to carry out a statistical analysis of social origins of the early RSS leaders" but goes on to conclude that, based on some known profiles, most of the RSS founders and its leading organisers, with a few exceptions, were Maharashtrian Brahmins from the middle or lower class[192] and argues that the pervasiveness of the Brahminical ethic in the organisation was probably the main reason why it failed to attract support from the low castes. He argues that the "RSS resorted to instrumentalist techniques of ethnoreligious mobilisation—in which its Brahminism was diluted—to overcome this handicap". [60][61] It is believed that Golwalkar did not want to give the British an excuse to ban the RSS. [241][121] Advani also attacked the then ruling Congress party with the slogans such as 'pseudo-secularism', accusing Congress of misusing secularism for the political appeasement of minorities, and established an explicit and unambiguous path of Hindu revival. Golwalkar's nationalism", "RSS Ideologue Govindacharya: 'We Will Rewrite the Constitution to Reflect Bharatiyata, "The person who is doing most to undermine the Reserve Bank of India", "The low-profile RSS apparatchik is the new face of power in the NDA", "What does it take to be an RSS karyakarta? [105], The capture of Dadra and Nagar Haveli gave a boost to the movement against Portuguese colonial rule in the Indian subcontinent. "[242] Desmond says that, if the Jana Sangh had carefully moderated its Hindu nationalism, it could have been able to well-exploit any strong increase in support for the traditional and nationalist Hindu opinion, and hence to compete on equal terms with the Congress in the northern states. [33], Scholars differ on Hedgewar's motivations for forming the RSS, especially because he never involved the RSS in fighting the British rule. [232] RSS and VHP claimed that they made appeals to put an end to the violence and that they asked their supporters and volunteer staff to prevent any activity that might disrupt peace. [18][20][21][22] Gradually, RSS grew into a prominent Hindu nationalist umbrella organisation, spawning several affiliated organisations that established numerous schools, charities, and clubs to spread its ideological beliefs.[18]. [108] Karyakarta: Active functionary. Hindu ceremonies and rituals played a large role in the organisation, not so much for religious observance, but to provide awareness of India's glorious past and to bind the members in a religious communion. [238] On the other hand, a government of India white paper dismissed the idea that the demolition was pre-organised. LTD, page 238, Encyclopedia of Political parties, Volumes 33–50, Koenraad Elst, 2002, Who is a Hindu? Despite its decades of struggle and travail, the RSS has come to occupy centre-stage in India. Brotherhood in Saffron, p 83ff, quoted in Elst, K. (2010). While one should always be vigilant for traces of totalitarianism in any ideology or movement, the obsession with fascism in the anti-Hindu rhetoric of the secularists is not the product of an analysis of the data, but of their own political compulsions. Not Now. Most of the organisational work of the RSS is done through the co-ordination of the various shakhas, or branches. [241], The former Jana Sangh elements formed a new party, Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP), in 1980. Privacy Policy. P. B. Dani was sent to establish a shakha at the Benaras Hindu University and other universities were similarly targeted to recruit new followers among the student population. In April 1954 the RSS formed a coalition with the National Movement Liberation Organisation (NMLO) and the Azad Gomantak Dal (AGD) for the annexation of Dadra and Nagar Haveli into the Republic of India.

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