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From then on Vlad the Impaler organised many brilliant and successful attacks against the Ottomans, who often vastly outnumbered Vlad’s men. Even the Dacian battle flag, named `Draco`, had the shape of a wolf’s head. Şi şerpoaie pestriţă. The Solomonar is always a male figure, a human being with “extraordinary powers”, as mentioned by Coman. Nonbrother quickly dove into the ocean and constructed four pillars, supported by four cosmic fish, to hold up the earth. Besides glowing red at night, Iarba Fiarelor had other supernatural properties that could help one distinguish it from useless weeds. This demon doesn’t usually show himself, but, occasionally takes the form of those who drowned in that pond, in order to fool passers by. We also meet the snake in Slavic mythology under the name ” hosponarjicec”.In Bucovina, every man has his own spirit, appearing as a frog. The present book is a genuinely interesting read for those keen on folklore, mythology and legends. So, in case you want to quit smoking, just picture a date with that. Grai, Bucharest 2000. In fact, this shadowy figure of Romanian folklore is surrounded by so many legends and tales, that it makes it impossible to establish a unilateral profile for the Solomonar, or a clear delimitation of  his attributions. As if to mimic the other, the worm also wriggled and writhed until it had shed it’s body, revealing yet another boy, clouded with darkness. She often lures passers by by crying. The fairies cried and told him not to go, but the Handsome Son made a decision to leave the palace of eternity and find his parents. Columbia University Press. Mihai’s legacy was said to be a precursor to modern Romania, a country that was unified again approximately three centuries after him. She reeks of tobacco, has flames coming out of her nostrils and appears surrounded by black smoke. Here we are, arriving at the ubiquitous Zmeu (pronounced ʐɱəʊː). According to some beliefs, the color of that flame depends on the nature of the treasure itself. Had you been much later, I would have perished myself!” With that, Death gave Făt-Frumos one slap and he fell down dead, turning instantly to dust. Hobbits, elves, gnomes, orcs, wizards, fairies, heroes with powers over nature, animated objects, and magical animals – all of these are fairly akin to characters from Romanian tales. I have made a wonderful friend on line. You can only kill it by destroying its soul. Tauris. You know, those treasures that will never befall you. Samca could also be linked with a German creature called Frau Brechta mit dem Klumpfuß, according to Tudor Pamfile. . It was said that the origin of the plant was in the first drop of blood that fell from the navel of Christ. There are some specific days when the guardian spirits reveal the locations of hidden treasures. If someone kills the creature, the man to whom it belongs, dies too. For a long time Nefîrtat tried to drown his friend until land had spread to each corner of the world. Fantastic feminine, ethereal characters, hidden by the virgin forests, unspoiled by humans, covered by the skies and the seas, ielele (in Romanian translation she-they) appeared to the mortals in an out of this world dance, that disturbed the mind and spoil the body, untrained for magic. The hope to let graw a new power against the Turks was apparently soon overshadowed by the worry that this romanian power might be hard to control. In the world of fairy tales, Făt-Frumos is the ideal persona of a hero who preforms good deeds, help creatures in distress and faces all odds in his adventures. In his life he built 44 churches and monasteries, one for each successful battle, and after death he was canonized, declared as “Saint Volvode Stefan the Great”. Şi cât ce li-oi da, Legend has it that the Devil made allies out of old witches in order to usurp creation. In his book on Romanian ethnobotanics, Marian talks about the important role that Atropa belladonna plays in love spells cast by women. This one, in particular, is a detailed love spell. However, he did a wonderful job, as always, and I literally owe him an arm and a leg. Myths in the ancient kingdoms of Carpathia and Transylvania are especially original. They may appear in odd number (3 - 5 - 7 - 9) and accompanied by music: whistle, drums, and bells, dancing and singing in chorus. Is this what I am looking for? Create a free website or blog at She also either kills their their children, or blesses them with a disease bearing her name. Also, the use of hallucinogenic ointments containing  Ciumăfaie has been attested in some areas of Romania. In some other areas of Romania, it is believed that clean treasures have a white or yellowish flame, while the ones unclean burn blue. Household items can also play the part of the messengers of death. pupuiată which would roughly translate as dolled up); Comorile la alte popare ( treasures in other mythologies, aprox.). The Dacians would organize rituals in the citadel-sanctuary Sarmizegetusa Regia (not to be mistaken for Ulpia Traiana), the capital of Dacia. If this is the case, one must harvest the plant while cussing and cursing, moving one’s limbs chaotically and invoking the plant’s magical powers. That’s if you don’t end up in a bear’s stomach even before you get to start digging. Sansa is a young, feminine and beautiful lady, passionate about music and poetry, living her life trying to find a prince to fall in love with, while the malefic `Zmeu` is similar to the dark lord Sauron from `Lord of the Rings`.[16]. From the froth suddenly sprouted a tree of massive proportions. I will begin with discussing   the attributes and attributions of the Solomonar, followed by some ideas on the initiation process the origins of the term and possible connection to King Solomon. Like the Strigoi, the Pricolici are undead monsters but they always take the form of a giant wolf. It was a vicious Pricolici that killed your cattle and a blood-sucking Strigoi that caused your mother to grow ill. Long ago, these superstitions were what helped the Romanian people deal with the harshness of life, as well as providing entertainment around a fire on a cold, winter’s night. Muma Pădurii  seeks to scare people to death, but the latter can defend themselves by making the sign of the cross ( the always present demonized pagan beliefs). i’ve been interested in Romanian mythology, folklore, monsters, and heroes for a few years now, and i havn’t found a good source of information until this. On a personal note, I’m probably evoking her around 30 or 40 times a day. Hey loved the info on Romanian myths. Discover some of the most powerful legends in Romanian folklore, which influenced and gave birth to numerous tales and stories. Such tales never die. This undead monster can shape-shift into any animal, turn invisible, and has a insatiable thirst for blood. What could be wrong with that, you may ask? So, this helped tremendously. The ground above will be scorched and the rocks will have a rusty color. Where to start? Their souls are doomed to an eternity in the water in which they died, if they killed themselves, or are released after one year of their death was by chance. She is, of course, chanting the desired lover’s name. In Bucovina, it is said that they can assume the shape of Virgin Mary, in order to lure passers by. Enjoy! They will break in half(the snakes). Like a vision of King Arthur uniting the tribes of Britain, Mihai the Brave ruled all three principalities of Romania for the first time in history: Moldavia, Transylvania, and Wallachia. It is said that such a serpent appears as a large, albino specimen, as it lives inside the walls and it’s never exposed to sunlight. There has always been problems from the east, but in these times of trouble there have been heroes to stand up for the Romanian people. Although the fairy kingdom was a paradise and he had achieved his goal of immortality, after time out of mind Făt-Frumos begins to long for his home and his parents.

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