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Although this is a concern, a greater issue is security. At the same time, it seems that the FG is often adopted only because it is considered an easy-to-organise and inexpensive technique. 1–20. Mark. It has been already discussed by the academic community widely. 15(43), 137–207 (1994), Mckennell A.C.: Surveying attitude structures: a discussion of principles and procedures. Hence a small budget, This essay is going to analyse the use of focus groups as a research method in modern day social sciences. • they usually achieve a high response rate Sage, London (2001), Bradburn N.M.: Potential contribution of cognitive science to survey questionnaire design. : Ringlemann rediscovered: the original article. Yes, there would be times when we would get upset because our suggestions seemed stupid in front of somebody else 's. J. Appl. Psychol. Then, there would also be times when we would think we were better off, this research project is: Quality & Quantity Socioeconomic differences, educational levels, and other distinguishing characteristics that could potentially skew the data are removed because everyone becomes an equal contributor to the group. If you put a group of people into a room, a leader tends to emerge. • they allow more detailed questions to be asked An evaluation of focus groups and depth interviews. 5. There may be a lack of direct participation by some. Ric. The primary benefit of using a focus group is that it levels the “playing field” of a demographic. Acocella, I. Il Mulino, Bologna (1989), Kitzinger J., Barbour R.S. • respondents ' own words are recorded 3–28. Responses that are non-verbal may be misinterpreted. Improved Advertising: The Fashion Channel (TFC) should concentrate more on improving its advertising strategy. : Focus group: a new tool for qualitative research. : Training in Depth Interviewing. Focus groups are a way to discover demographic-relevant information through an interactive group sessions that is run by a facilitator. Every person has a certain bias on every subject because of their upbringing, their current environment, and other personalized experiences. 31(3), 244–265 (1995), Stewart D.W., Shamdasani P.N. J. Exp. Eval. 48(5), 280–283 (1999), Fern E.F.: The use of focus groups for idea generation: the effects of group size, acquaintanceship, and moderator on response quantity and quality. There will always be the costs of meeting rooms, A/V equipment, transcription services, food and beverages, and potentially hotel accommodations. 13(1), 45–55 (1983), Puchta C.: Focus Group Practice. Blackwell, Oxford (1987), Wittenbaum G.W., Stasser G.: Management of information in small groups. Sociology 40(1), 89–105 (2006), Nemeth C., Wachtler J.: Creative problem solving as a result of majority versus minority influence. The primary disadvantage is that a focus group still tends to be a sub-section of a demographic’s views. : The Search for a Method. 4. 5. When people disagree with each other on a passionate issue, things can go from shouting to violence in a very short amount of time. : Techniques for analyzing focus group data. Res. Longman, Reading (1997), Bailey K.D. Psychol. However, it is easy to mix up focus groups, It is welcomed by researchers because of its unique function. An agenda establishes by researcher will lead the direction of discussion. 20–34. They are both convenient and fun. Facilitators do more than just ask questions. 1. Sage, Newbury Park (1993), Gigone D., Hastie R.: The common knowledge effect: information sharing and group judgment. J. Sage, London (2001), Kravitz D., Martin A.B. In: Barbour, R.S., Kitzinger, J. Home » Pros and Cons » 12 Pros and Cons of Focus Groups. • ambiguities can be clarified and incomplete answers followed up 37(6), 822–832 (1979), Marbach G.: Le ricerche di mercato. Soc. Free Press, Glencoe (1957), Merton R.K., Kendall P.L. As Vaughn and colleagues (1996) mentioned (as cited in Claudia & Jonathan, 2004), there are two main characteristics of focus group: a well prepared agenda and questions with a professional moderator and to obtain the perceptions, feelings and opinions of participants appointed topic. 67(5), 249–258 (1965), Bristol T., Fern E.F.: The effects of interaction on consumers’ attitudes in focus groups. Ivana Acocella. Learn more about Institutional subscriptions, Acocella I.: Il focus group: teoria e tecnica. Am. feelings, perceptions and opinions Most people don’t know each other in a group, which allows people to provide honest answers and open responses. Although there can be travel requirements for a focus group, the chance to be with peers and discuss important topics is fun for participants and a convenient way to gather information. Remember those projects we had to complete in school? List of the Advantages of Focus Groups. Get access to … The main advantages of interviews are: Qual., DOI:, Over 10 million scientific documents at your fingertips, Not logged in Non-verbal cues can provide an extra depth of insight, but they can also create misinterpreted data that alters the final results. Personal. : Focus Group. : Situation factors in conformity. A Practical Guide for Applied Research. Focus groups are often used by researchers to gather qualitative data and in-depth insights into a particular topic. In: Morgan, D.L. 6. Moderators can also influence the data when questions posed aren’t neutral in nature. Instead of a traditional survey which offers specific question and answer options, the focus group allows participants to speak freely about the ideas presented and offer their opinions in a way that supports what the survey is attempting to discover. 3. 2. Moderators can inadvertently influence the data. Cambridge University Press, New York (2000), Vaughn S., Schumm J.S., Sinagub J.: Focus Group Interviews in Education and Psychology. 2. Tax calculation will be finalised during checkout. : Consensus and conformity. The goal of this paper is to evaluate the nature of the FG, analyse its advantages and disadvantages and identify the cognitive problems that it helps to face. Using this case study, needs analysis and highlight the advantages and disadvantages of each of those sources. Part of Springer Nature. People who participate in them appreciate travel expenses and other needs being met, making the event seem like a vacation. D.C. Health and Company, Lexington (1988), Hisrich R.D., Peters M.P. 129–152. 4.  Focus group technique of data collection can be said to be an expensive technique of data collection because it involves lot of logistics and arrangements. Focus groups can attract people today from all over the world. For example, the advertisers are ready to pay premium CPM for the target group of 18-34. They encourage engagement. : Practical advice for planning and conducting focus group. The focus groups in social research: advantages and disadvantages. Theory and Practice. The impression is that FG is often adopted without any prior consideration of whether it really is the most suitable research technique for achieving the cognitive goals of the research. : The focused interview. In: Morgan, D.L., Krueger, R.A. (eds) Focus Group Kit, vol. They provide the group with a certain level of energy. They provide a certain level of anonymity. When a new idea requires examination, the advantages and disadvantages of focus groups come under careful consideration.

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