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• Abilities: CCS → Aggression → Rapid Fire → Killer Instinct → BEO → VPT. ----- Front-line Assault Psi sub-build: • Abilities: Steadfast → Tactical Sense → Close Encounters → … Use Heavies to break cover and wipe out groups with a hail of accurate, medium damage gunfire from long range without having to flank and potentially alert extra groups. Overwatch is key – Overwatch is XCOM's version of X-Com's reaction fire, and it's one of the most powerful weapons you have at your disposal in the field. All Discussions Screenshots Broadcasts Videos News Guides Reviews XCOM: Enemy Unknown > General Discussions > Topic Details. After spending many, many hours in the game, I've assembled this guide, collecting all the best tips I can offer to help you deal with the alien menace. Some of which are extensively debated in the Long-War Modding discussions. A Sectopod's accompanying Drones can damage the Warden faster than the Sectopod itself can, so either capture or eliminate these nuisances quickly. Extremely powerful in open area. • Abilities: Platform Stability → Jetboot Module → Shredder → Collateral Damage → LNL → Squadsight. Then there are the boring support Scouts with Flush, Battle Scanner and such and such (I haven't managed to get a support scout beyond Sergeant though), This had me applauding the finish :D that is legendary. Ultimately, a MEC Trooper should be built to suit the player's play style and complement the abilities of the squad. BUT THE ALIENS WERE THE UNFORTUNATE ONES ALL ALONG. • Abilities: Lone Wolf → Snap Shot → DGG → Ranger → LNL / VPT→ ITZ. Even in the early game, the medic can still be trained and equipped with Mimetic Skin so that they can be effective forward observers late game. So, how about it, internet? Turns out, not so much. Mine for steam – Thermal generators are way better than regular power generators, but they can only be built on steam vents. Weapons versus armour – This one is a tough call. Long War is a comprehensive mod for the computer game XCOM: Enemy Within. However, late game (even with upgrades), the player will find both this MEC's damage and defense options waning when compared to alternatives. • Abilities: Lone Wolf → Precision Shot → Executioner → Sharpshooter → BEO → Double Tap. . The Arc Thrower keeps the S.H.I.V.s and MECs propped up. Specifically designed for promoting low-rank troops like Rookies and Squaddies during Scout crash site missions and Covert Operations against EXALT. The Scout is a unique class that doesn't have an equivalent in vanilla XCOM, combining elements of Assaults and Snap Shot Snipers. This build benefits a lot from Grappling Hook in Skeleton or Ghost Armor, which also boosts movement speed. Utilizes multiple utility grenades to become much more versatile support gunners, and frees up item slots for supports to carry Medikits and Arc Throwers. The reason for this is the next time a scout comes, a fighter will come to down your satellite--damaging the fighter adds on to its base chance to fail its mission. I haven't even built aircraft boosters yet, and I'm expecting for it to get a lot harder. Suggested builds suitable for all difficulties and DLCs: Early-game "pointman" build (1-2 months): Trips Overwatch hot zones and flushes foes out of high cover. You should run away a lot of the time when fighting with your aircraft. You get Alloy cannons a bit earlier though. That and rush laser rifles which you can get out middle of the 2nd month, which means you only have a couple missions with floaters and without lasers. ? Now, I played UFO Defense and even TFTD, and, don't get me wrong, if you do something like send an interceptor with basic weapons up against something like an alien battleship, you deserve whats going to happen to you (hint: it rhymes with "insta-gibbed"). Warning: This thread is still in draft. • Abilities: Flush → Shredder Ammo → Tactical Sense → RFA → EC → Sentinel. 5 Overseers appeared in the control room, one of which was a leader with 20 health, and they could all regenerate faster than I could hurt them. The only reason not to have someone on overwatch is if you've already spotted the enemy and are busy filling him full of lasery death. Any one of those mutons would have one-shot her if that Lightning Reflexes missed. Keep your ears open – As you move across the battlefield, you might notice sound waves coming from off screen. Concentrate fire on higher threat targets, while leaving the MEC's squadmates to take care of the weaker enemies before aiding the MEC. With Stationary Snipers (obviously with Squadsight), always move last. Actually it was Jia Li Pan who eliminated the whole muton squad. In the long run I had a pilot with around 30 kills because I fed him the final blow on weak ships. ---------------------------------------. • Abilities: Covering Fire → Opportunist → Ranger → LNL → Sentinel → VPT. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, Press J to jump to the feed. Thus, it may be advisable to augment soldiers with high Will to make Mind Control more difficult. I will update this head post if more optimal builds are offered. . • Abilities: Low Profile → Disabling Shot → Aggression → Sharpshooter → BEO → Double Tap. Ideal for squads consisting of 1-3 Heavies / M.E.C.s for breaking cover, and 2-4 S.H.I.V.s for high-risk scouting and suppression. Rifle Suppression deals with multiple tough enemies in a mission. Long War Enemy Within introduces 7 new armors (for a total of 14) generally built as lighter armors allowing more mobility at some cost of protection; we used the Gene Mod armor bases to represent these armors. Agreed. Since this build is intended to deal with late-game heavy hitters - especially the dreaded Sectopod - the Kinetic Strike Module is more useful than the flamethrower. • Abilities: Body Shield → Jetboot Module → Damage Control → RTS → H&R → Rapid Fire. Three Dense Smoke protects the S.H.I.V.s as they absorb enemy fire. • Abilities: HEAT Warheads → Snap Shot → Shredder Ammo → Ranger → Any → S&A. That being said, it's time to cheat. : ASSAULT :. • Abilities: ATA → HEAT Warheads → Mayhem → Packmaster → Danger Zone → Grenadier. There is such a thing as a great challenge, and then there's just being silly about it. : ROCKETEER :. Updated for Long War beta 14g. : SNIPER :. → Flush → Lone Wolf → Shredder → Squadsight → H&R. But, before we get started, here are some other XCOM tips you might be interested in: How to force the game to use 1080p cinematics. Grenadier provides four Alien Grenades that can be unleashed after moving or firing. Killed 23 aliens on a supply ship, and I thought I'd get lucky and get another alien craft on the ground. Bullet Swarm + HEAT Ammo brings significant firepower against Cyberdiscs and Mechtoids. Can also function as Covert Operative due to Gunslinger and Double Tap allowing two high damage shots. I lost 4 Long War games before I won one. (It needs contributions!) Example: 16 (Iron Will OTS) + 90 Will (Colonel base) + 20 Will (MEC-3 Paladin bonus) = 126 Will total will be boosted for other soldiers. Sometimes xcom fucks you, sometimes you fuck xcom. Tank sub-build: Can you help me out? Covering Fire sub-builds: Highly promoted snipers with elevated positions (or in flight at high altitude) can safely pick off targets in complete safety, without alerting additional packs of aliens, while your squad only has to not die for a couple turns. Mobile scout-sniper that can actively hunts and terminates low health targets and move to safety in one turn. Halo + shedder + danger zone + mayhem = stupid OP. In Long War, there is a different hit roll system than the vanilla game. • Abilities: Gunslinger → Disabling Shot → Aggression → Ranger → VPT / LNL → ITZ. • Abilities: Executioner → Tactical Sense → Ranger → LNL → Extra Conditioning → Resilience. And that pistol finish, man. XCOM is back! . Advantages: Mobile, can shoot with the rifle in almost any circumstances. Bullet Swarm allows Grenades, Suppression, or Mind Control to be used after firing. MEC Trooper supports allies by provoking enemy fire. Squadsight support Trying to do everything early on will dry up XCOM's resources and spread them too thin. Mobile snipers use their "Snapshot" ability for hit-and-run tactics, where they outflank enemies engaged by the rest of the squad and gun them down. That's the point of Long war. I'd prefer the next iteration of these games to be simultaneous movement with pause-anytime, doorkickers style. All-round great sniping performance and not completely helpless when moving. Several functions may not work. Sending a scout forward for the first half of their turn, hitting them with your sniper, the pulling your scout back so the cannot hit him/her. Was forced to extract my sniper and my scout and I was not happy. Close Range ITZ • Abilities: Body Shield → SAA ? Thirdly, when you complete the satellite coverage of a continent you'll get the same bonus you would if you put your base there. © He is just really minmaxed for burst damage. Build: Field Medic This particular scout had In the Zone, which is an upgrade in the scout tree.

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