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If you seek guidance or reassurance with regards to a pressing issue or you simply want to have a fun way to seek answers, oracle cards are a great way to start. Using Essential Oils to Balance Each of the 7 Chakras, How To Select The Right Chakra Stone – Step by Step Guide, Spider Symbolism and Their Meanings in Spirituality, [Special Guide] How to Remove Blackmagic Spells, Symptoms of a Love Spell & How to Protect Yourself, What’s the Difference Between Oracle Cards and Tarot Cards?​. Step 1: Clear Your Card Deck. If you’ve got a growing collection, you probably don’t use all of those cards everyday. Categorised in: astrology, cleansing, crystals, free download, rituals, symbolism, tarot. The word “Oracle” comes from the Latin word “orare” which means to speak. 22 DIY Oracle Spreads to Exercise Your Intuition, If you’re going through a tough time (like who i, Managing your own energy field is essential now mo, How to Read Oracle Cards + Create Spreads, Inspiration, guidance and a fresh perspective, An illumination of the energy around a person or thing in the present moment, Bypass self-awareness, alignment, and inner work, Passively seek the answers outside of yourself, any visions, channeled messages, emotions, or bodily sensations you experience as you pulled the card, anything that stands out to you in the illustration of the card (expressions on a face, scenery, colors, shapes etc. Bonus, if you read in other places, it will help keep your cards clean. It’s an intentional practice of releasing the old and allowing the truth to prevail. FREE DOMESTIC SHIPPING ON ORDERS OVER $75. Ask a question! 1.Align. Chakra Wisdom Oracle Deck* by Tori Hartman. I hope you find the same is true for you and your cards! This deck is on my wish list! Then five further cards that represent the Vibrational Dimensions of Mankind. What parts of the explanation resonate with you? An oracle spread is a series of cards that are chosen with an overarching theme, but each card also has a specific point of focus. If you’ve had some off readings that didn’t feel quite right it might be time to give your cards good energetic cleanse. State the intention of the first card in the spread. Are there any colors, or shapes that stand out? The 4 cards represent Beginning, Obstacle, Renewal, and Commitment. Hold the card to your heart and consider the intuitive hunches you receive. What artwork speaks to you? The more you connect with them the more you’ll know how to take care of them intuitively. You can buy ready-made oracle cards, which always come with a guidebook, or you can also make your own. How does this message speak to what you are currently experiencing? You may ask for the light to illuminate the truth. They can also be used similar to that of a full spread Tarot card reading. Color carries a lot of energetic weight, so I suggest doing some research on color meanings before deciding on your spread cloth. Have a deck that feels like it wants to be kept separated from your other decks, give it a special space of its own. Create your own unique website with customizable templates. If a card jumps out when you’re shuffling, it’s yours! The imagery used also depends on you. Right This Way… Reading the Cards The Vibrational Energy Cards can be read just by shuffling the pack and pulling/drawing a card at random to get direction and answers when needed. Oracle decks are a collection of cards, typically 30-60 cards, with illustrations and text. General oracle card reading tips for beginners Once you receive the cards and before starting a reading straight away, make sure to read the booklet that comes with it with all the instructions. If you want help getting started, below are some recommendations for specific decks that are good choices for learning (especially in my course). Enjoy the illustrations. Oracle cards are used to call into the spiritual world when you seek some sort of guidance or assurance to decisions and questions that you may have. Here are two of my favorite techniques for connecting with your tarot and oracle cards. Continue the process for the remainder of the cards in that spread. Oracle cards are a great way to tap into your spiritual self, as you are calling the Universe, the angels, and the Heavens to give you guidance. It adds another layer to the ritual of reading your cards. May I be a clear channel for the highest truth. You may not understand the messages that are being revealed to you right now, but it may make sense in the future. 7 Steps to Reading Oracle Cards Step 1: Set Your Intention. Now that you have your magical Moon Phase Ritual Cards from last week’s post, I thought it would be a perfect time to give you an ultimate guide for taking care of your tarot and oracle cards! You may wish to call in your guides, Universal... 3. We collect, use and process your data according to our. Take a few moments to gaze at the card. Privacy Policy and Terms & Conditions • Site Design by Rebecca Peterson Studio. If you are interested in becoming Certified Vibrational Energy Oracle card reader to offer readings, workshops or parties. When creating a spread, readers energetically clear, shuffle, and then pull card(s). Take time to look at each card. Don’t worry about not getting an answer, as oracle cards always give you guidance whether you like what it says or not. Don’t overanalyze or overthink the messages. Ask your tarot and oracle cards what they need, and go with your gut. To me, covering of the eyes means being blind about a matter and to proceed with caution. Both cards function pretty much the same way, as they are both tools of divination, but they differ greatly in how they are being used and their structure.

Washington Nationals Uniforms 2019, Cell Waste Disposal Organelle, Condolence Message To Colleague, Example Of Narrative Literature Review, Narrative Review Examples, Japanese Calligraphy Font,